It's always first chair somewhere.

Here to surf pow, destroy jump lines, and rail silky-smooth carves with the best of 'em, the K2 Happy Hour Snowboard will have shredaholics everywhere jumping for joy. This Transworld All-Mountain Good Wood winner takes a freestyle approach to picking apart the entire mountain, thanks to its Precision Lifted baseline, pointy twin shape, and pre-loaded Ollie Bar. Using K2's Precision Lifted baseline, the Happy Hour gives you the best of both cambered and flat profiles without the catchy hook associated with most cambered boards. This is done by starting with flat contact points at the tip and tail for a neutral-feeling board when you're initiating turns. Then, the board cambers up just after the contact points, flattening through the center of its running length.

Under the hood of this true twin stick, you'll find a WH3 coremade up of full, tip-to-tail wood with two Honeykomb strips for lightweight performance. Embedded between the board's bindings is an Ollie Bar that helps you boost off jumps and pop off natural features, thanks to its cambered, pre-loaded lay-up of carbon, KEVLAR, and glass. The board's Carbon Wing adds extra snap and a more responsive feel, and starts at the inserts, radiating to the tips for enhanced tip and tail control. And if that weren't enough, this board also has K2's Hybritech construction that caps the tip and tail for reduced swing weight and enhanced turn initiation. It's finished off with a super-fast and durable 4000 Sintered base so you can charge all season long.

  • Playful, versatile, freestyle board for high-energy fun
  • Hybrid flat profile brings pop of camber with float of rocker
  • Twin shape enhances freestyle feel
  • Renewable wood with Honeykomb in core adds powerful pop
  • Hybritech sidewalls reduces swing weight and enhances durability
  • Sintered base holds wax exceptionally well for fast performance
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