The warmth of wool packet into a modern winter style.

If you're a fan of being warm in the winter, chances of you not loving Icebreaker's Stratus X 3/4 Hooded Jacket are pretty slim. It's insulated with the merino wool you can't get enough of, and it covers you all the way down to your knees. It brings high-lofting warmth into your everyday adventures.

  • A jacket filled with the warmth of wool in a modern mountain style
  • Partially recycled merino wool blend insulation keeps your core temp just right
  • Water resistant finish fends off misty rains and flurries
  • Extra length gives you more protection from cold than traditional winter jackets
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Is the Harmony/Jet color green? The same product on other sites looks more grey than green. But here it looks pretty clearly green. Please advise. Thank you!

Hey there Stephanie!

I would call this a dark seaweedy green! The photo we have on our site if pretty accurate! I wouldn't say it has a gray or hazy look to it!