HED Jet 5 Express Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher

Speed and handling in one package.

By now you’ve likely read a thing or three about wide rims on the road. They round out the tire, they make the ride smoother, they’re more aero. HED pioneered that in the modern age, realizing that if it could smooth the transition between tire and rim, the air would in turn flow more smoothly. The Jet 5 Express Clinchers follow this paradigm, with a 23mm external rim width.

Additionally, at 54mm deep, and making use of a blunt-ish profile, they’re aerodynamically powerful but not at the expense of handling. In short, the Jet 5s will give you the speed gains typical of a 60mm-deep wheel with the handling capabilities of something more in the 30mm range.

  • Deep, toroidal rim shape for maximum aerodynamic efficiency
  • Wide, 23mm rim
  • 54mm deep
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Are these available with black decals, or is white lettering the only option? Thanks!

Hey Kevin, just the white decal available.

Great aero all arounders

    I have been riding these wheels for a few years in a variety of conditions and have found them to be a reliable and high performing set of wheels. I believe the wider rims contribute to nice ride quality as often stated in reviews and press. They are noticeably faster at higher speeds then shallow section rims.

    In general, I use them on mixed terrain and braking and handling is great. On high wind gust days, any mid to deep section will get some push so just be aware.

    The only thing I'd mention is that although the mixed carbon, aluminum approach has proven highly reliable it does requires extra care to prevent cracking in the top carbon cap. It is a light, non structural fairing, so I would not recommend hanging these from a typical garage mount wheel hook and you may see small cracking in the carbon fairing if the fairing happened to get impact from road debris, etc. I had a very unfortunate direct hit at speed that probably would have taco'd an ordinary wheel and the only damage was a minor truing and a small fairing crack. It ultimately was not a concern which HED support confirmed. Frankly a lesser wheel probably would have been done.

    I'd highly recommend the wheels and the brand and would buy them again. Great hubs too!

    First ride impressions: impressed

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    A couple of disclaimers before you read on: 1) the only comparison I have for these wheels is the factory wheels that came with my bike, which I've been using the past 3 years. 2) I've only had one ride with my wheels around my go-to loop, so these are my initial reactions from my ride.

    Today was windy, so I was looking forward to seeing if HED's technology would hold up to the claims made. Having never ridden deep section wheels, I was nervous to see if I would get blown around the road. I was really surprised at how well they handled the wind from any direction. Even when big gusts would kick up, I didn't have to make any major corrections and the wheels definitely responded how I imagine 40mms would. So big win for HED in that column.

    In the few respites I had from the wind, these wheels picked up speed fast. They were fun on the short descents and I set a few PR's on the flat sections despite the wind. They held their speed well and the 23mm rim width really did make such a difference on the rough Colorado roads. I put my 25mm tires on and had them at 70/80 PSI and felt I could let even more air out for comfort. I'm 5'11" and 180lbs for reference.

    When I stood on the pedals, they felt stiff and responsive without flex, given the aluminum box they're built on. I felt in a few pedal strokes I could get up to speed and the wheels were doing most of the work. They felt smooth on long false flats and gave me an extra kick on the short pitches.

    Like any responsible consumer I did a lot of research on lots of different wheels. I don't ever plan on racing (unless Strava KOMs count) and have heard mixed reviews from a few different people on their carbon brake rims so I wanted a solid clincher wheel that didn't break the bank and could handle descents down some of the big mountains here. There's a reason HED's technology is so desired (even from other wheel companies (Zipp, anyone?)) and today proved that for me. These wheels made my ride more fun, more fast, and I can't wait to see how they do when the weather is more calm. Plus, the black logos look way cool.

    First ride impressions: impressed

    Thanks for the great review! I'm considering getting a set of these for my Cervelo as well.

    I have a 5 years set wheels that I love and I was kind of worry a abou buying a new set do to my thinking that they were going to be as good as my old set ,but I was so wrong that I thinking buying another set Iam totally love with them do to fact this wheels are good for all around used.thank you competitive cyclist 🚴🏿🚴🏿😍😍😍

    Amazing amazing set of wheels

    Sweet bike!

    Fantastic all-around wheelset

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've had these for a few years. They are a great compromise between aero efficiency and cross-wind stability at a great price. They ride great and give you a noticeable increase in speed, esp +20mph. They don't get too bothered by crosswinds. The braking is fantastic and even the weight is pretty reasonable. I'm running them with 25mm tires for an even plusher ride. I am puzzled, though, as to why HED hasn't made a 25mm wide rim with this wheel -- as they have with the Jet 40 and 60. Having a 25mm wide rim might make these great wheels even better.

    I want to put a Dura-Ace 10-speed cassette on this hub. Does the wheel set come with a spacer to accommodate the 10-speed cassette on the 11-speed compatible hub?

    Mine came with a 2mm and a 1mm spacer.

    Shouldn't your cassette have that spacer?? I think that comes with cassette. Local Bike shop should have one.

    Unanswered Question

    What is the optimal tire size for these rims? 23 or 25?

    Are these SRAM compatible?

    Yeah, SRAM and Shimano are interchangable (in terms of wheels)

    Great braking, great value

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    The biggest trepidation I have with carbon clinchers is the brake surface. I HATE carbon braking surfaces. They've gotten much better in the last 5 years but they are still vastly inferior to an aluminum braking surface. Living here in Utah, I have to have confidence in my braking. This wheel is light, cheap, aero, and has fantastic braking. I've raced it, I've trained on it; and as a cat 1 roadie I have full confidence in this wheel. They're not as light as the lightest tubies and not as aero as the deepest dimpled wheelset; but they're half the price and 99% as good.

    Great braking, great value

    Wow man, that's beautiful. Big difference from my Woodhaven Boulevard here in NYC, bordering Queens and Brooklyn. I'd definitely get Jacked.....probably get shot in the wrong hood with such a machine. But SWEET where you have it, man that's nice.

    Seriously cool bike!

    Tubeless ready?

    Tubeless ready?

    yes the wheels come with a tubeless rimstrip.

    which brake pads are recommended for this...

    which brake pads are recommended for this wheels?

    Best Answer

    These are alloy rims with a carbon bonded fairing. That being said, any brake pad that works on an alloy wheel will work on these. I personally use Kool Stop Dura2 black brake pads as a cost effective and high performing pad. Hope this helps.