Quick shooter.

If GUP Industries Kwiki is like a sweet bundle of joy born from the romance of tire sealant and CO2 cartridges, then the Kwiki Holster is like a comfortable, all terrain stroller, ready to take that bundle of joy with you everywhere. This easy to use hook-and-loop strap enables you to carry a cartridge of GUP's Kwiki CO2 and sealant combo on your frame for easy access anywhere on the trail or road. Simply strap it to your frame or seat tube on one side with the soft strap, and cinch it down against the lightweight, contoured silicone block for a secure fit. It enables you to carry along your Kwiki on remote rides where space is tough to come by, or you feel like skipping your bulky hydration bag, but don't want to skip flat-saving protection.

  • A strap for carrying your Kwiki flat fix
  • Hook-and-loop strap stays secure
  • Silicone fitting is light and secure
  • Fits on frames and seat tubes with ease
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