• GU - Recovery Drink Mix - 12 Pack - Chocolate Smoothie
  • GU - Recovery Drink Mix - 12 Pack - Chocolate Smoothie
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GU Recovery Drink Mix - 12 Pack

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Claimed Weight:
0.9 oz
Recommended Use:
workout recovery, electrolyte replacement, hydration for endurance sports

Maximize the benefits of your workout.

GU Recovery Drink Mix is what you need when you've trained hard today and you need to accelerate the recovery process so you can hit it hard again tomorrow. It's like massage-in-a-bottle, and it'll be the difference between feeling 'the burn' and not early on in tomorrow' ride.

GU Recovery Drink Mix has a blend of complex and simple carbohydrates, and each 250 calorie serving of will restore your energy levels and it contains whey protein along with essential amino acids to help restore and rebuild muscles that you've torn apart, figuratively speaking that is. Recovery Drink Mix will also help improve your immune system and fight free radicals with its 100% daily allowance of vitamins C and E. Simply mix it in a 16oz water bottle, put your legs up for a few minutes, and enjoy.

Gu Recovery Drink Mix is available in Orange Pineapple and Strawberry Watermelon. One box contains 12 single serving packets. Each 60g packet makes 16 fluid oz.

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Thanks for posting ingredients

    Seriously? People put this stuff in their bodies? I said no thanks after reading the first 2 ingredients and soy lecithin was the clincher for me. I appreciate Competitive Cyclist posting the ingredients of these products on their web page. Very eye opening!

    No bueno

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Tastes like chalk, and makes you feel lathargic. Maybe some people can handle it.

    This does not work for me

      The drink did not agree with my system and I had the runs...