GrivelG12 Crampon Spare Parts - Front

Your new best friend.

Replace your worn crampons with Grivel's G12 Crampon Front Spare Parts. Dull toes are no-one's friend up on the ice--replace your worn front points with the G12 Front Spare Parts and say hello to your new best friend.

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a good buy

    convenient upgrade my сramponsa and a nice bonus anti -balling plates

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    would they fit on g10s?

    would they fit on g10s?

    I own a pair of g12's with the new-matic...

    I own a pair of g12's with the new-matic (front harness) binding, and I'd like to convert them to the cramp-o-matic (front bale) style for boots with a toe welt. I was thinking I would just buy a pair of replacement front points with the cramp-o-matic style bale on them, but I can't tell which kind of front points these are. I see pictures with the new-matic binding and pictures with the cramp-o-matic bindings. Can I order the cramp-o-matic style from

    If I can order the cramp-o-matic style front points, any idea how well they fit on a boot like the la sportiva nepal evo or scarba mont blanc? I own the latter, but they seem pretty similar.

    Hi there, the spare parts we have on these crampons are unfortunately, the newmatic/new classic (toe loop instead of toe wire). You can tell this by the NM/NC designation on the description of the item.

    We've carried the version with the toe wire in the past, but no longer have it in. If you were to swap that out for a front with a wired toe bail, though, it would work great on either the nepal evo or scarpa mont blanc.

    I lost my G12 New classic front points...

    I lost my G12 New classic front points with anti-bot and center bars on Mt. Shasta a couple of days ago. Do you sell these items or is it cheaper to just buy a new set?


    I am sorry but we are not carrying those front points currently.

    Includes Antibotts

      Worth mentioning that the G12 fronts I just ordered arrived with the yellow antibotts (not "without" as is shown in the product photo). Nice bonus!

      G12 ? a classic

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Still the most stable crampons for long vertical ice.

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      Can I use these metal bale front replacements...

      Can I use these metal bale front replacements on a pair of Grivel G12 New-Matic crampons I have? If so, will this make make the crampons heavier or lighter?

      How well would these work with an AT boot...

      How well would these work with an AT boot - specifically a Garmont Radium? Current G12's are too narrow at the toe to fit the Radiums....thanks

      My recomendation is to get black diamond sabertooths seracs or neves for A/T boots