GregoryDeva 60L Backpack - Women's

Ready for your long weekend.

A big-time weekend pack designed for two- or three-day backcountry forays, the Gregory Deva 60 Women's Backpack blends serious capacity with the comfort that makes your trail time that much more enjoyable. If you're looking to schlep serious gear on your next two- or three-dayer, the Deva serves up nearly 4000 cubic inches of capacity. That's plenty of room for all your stuff, provided you don't plan on bringing eleventy five different fuzzy baselayers with you, just in case. The ridiculously adjustable Response AFS suspension lets you dial in a comfortable, personalized ride, and the pre-curved Auto-Cant harness and EVA foam Auto-Fit hip belt pivot independently to conform to your body and keep you balanced on tough terrain. The back panel is also thermo-molded for comfort and has a cushy lumbar pad with Elastomeric Gription technology, which is presumably something Gregory cribbed from alien spaceships.

The Deva's adjustability and comfort make it stand out, but it's also optimized to hold up to three days' worth of backpacking gear and adapt to the demands of your trip. The removable lid has two pockets and doubles as a lumbar pack if you're going on short explorations or summit strolls, and the pockets on the front, side, and hip belt keep layers, snacks, maps, and other essentials where you can reach them. Gregory also built in a hideaway water bottle pocket on the side of the pack and included a hydration-compatible sleeve with multiple easy-to-feed hose ports. A series of lash points, loops, and compression straps hold trekking poles or sleeping pads, and the DWR-coated water-resistant zippers and reinforced bottom help stop the elements from sogging your sleeping bag and interfering with your much-needed sleep.

  • Reponse AFS suspension with aluminum stay
  • Thermo-molded backpanel
  • 3D pre-curved harness and hip belt with LifeSpan EVA foam
  • Auto-Cant harness and Auto-Fit hip belt
  • Removable lumbar pack lid
  • Lid, front, side, hip belt, and hideaway water bottle pockets
  • Hydration compatible
  • Trekking pole loops and compression straps
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Don't have to be a diva with the Deva

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I have used this pack a handful of times, and I am always impressed with how much it can hold, and how comfortable it is to carry even when bursting at the seams.

Easy access to your stuff is key in a pack this size, and Gregory made sure that the main compartment was easy to access from multiple points. The shoulder straps are comfortable on long days and the hip strap is very supportive and doesn't dig in. Outside storage pockets are easily accessible for things like maps, snacks and your phone/camera.

DONT DO IT! you can do better

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

OK, for starters... This pack got allll the 2015 reviews and has ranked SO high, so I figured I would try it out.

1. The outer zipper runs vertically, on a pretty big main storage area, so if you have anything other than cloth in there, its going to fall to the bottom and you can't keep much in there that won't fall out as soon as you unzip it. I like the use the outer pocket for day snacking food, wipes, and other immediate needs, and this large vertical pocket does not effectively allow for one to use that space to their advantage.

2. The two one way zippers at the top are pretty much the same issue, except these also get stuck in your hair when you're hiking. The testers probably just wore a super high pony tail so never figured it out, but i wear braids, and it pulls them every time which makes for a pretty miserable hiking experience. The direction of the top zippers also sucks because if you are laying your pack down nothing stays in them, everything ALWAYS falls out. If you are hiking and don't want to take your pack off they are convenient to unzip, but, once again everything falls out because the way the pack wraps over the top gravity forces everything in there to fall on your head. They need to switch the direction of the zip or make it a two-way. Since the zippers are on such a top curve, they don't really stay all the way to the end, and I've found sometimes that if I have chapstick or something small and narrow, it will slip right out of the little space.

3. The way this pack packs is not conducive to the female body type (mine at least). Its large and wide, and when hiking it throws off your center. I do not recommend a beginner buying this at all, because if you don't know the science of packing perfectly, you will end up with a really lopsided and lumpy pack (I've seen it, it looks painful!I -- I personally prefer packs that are more tall and form fitting to the height of your torso, as opposed to packing out wide in every direction and throwing your balance around. I understand how to pack it, that isn't the issue. The issue is how the pack is designed. Go for a longer more slender pack, this one requires a lot (too much) of attention to pack!

4. The belt buckle - My friend got the same pack and her buckle was so cheap and broke within her first two times using the pack. It collapsed inside on the clip, so actually getting that "click" when you fasten it wasn't happening, and you had to really jam it together to get it to stay, and pry it open to get it off. Not fun when its the only thing you have.

5. There are not many areas to attach carabiner clips to on the back center area. Only on the bottom sides, which when something attaches there it throws off your balance more, or hits you in the legs, or swings a lot. Its much nicer when a pack has clips along the vertical external pocket area (the one mentioned above) to keep with balance and so it doesn't swing so much, or nock around.

1. The belt pockets - One is waterproof, and one is mesh. Its very convenient to have the waterproof one to stick your phone in for easy use and safety.
2. The waist strap is very wide and comfortable!
3. I love the water bottle pocket on the outside, that is just within reaching distance.
4. I love that the rainfly is included, and there is a secured pocket for it.
5. Day pack is perfect that is included.
6. The pack is very lightweight

All in all, the pack isn't BAD, but I would never recommend it to another female backpacker, and would never go with Gregory again. Ive done extensive research and testing, and there are other brands that I highly recommend instead.

DONT DO IT! you can do better

Thank you, thank you for a fantastic review.... Any quick suggestions you do have? If not Gregory, which do you prefer? Consider me a first timer, haha. Thanks so much for your honesty... the hair is a huge issue with me too, and I am thankful I saw this and haven't spent money yet! :)

I prefer Osprey, i love their thick padded straps and air-fluent back plates, and everything is usually in the place t should be! Yes I wish i had read an honest review when i was looking, all of them were sponsored so it was like "this is the best pack out there" blah blah, but the people probably haven't ever used it. But I'm sure other experiences are always different, but I would definitely suggest an Osprey pack! :) good luck!

You really have to try on packs, as each person is different. The key is to get a good fit-- comfort, hip belt, shoulder harness. The rest of the bells and whistles are just that. Not every pack will fit the same on different people. The good thing about this pack is the shoulder straps are exchangeable. So if you are XS torso but need longer shoulder straps you can remove them. Most other packs are fixed so you have to be sure the fit is right. I am writing this because I am going through the process of getting my pack fitted. I thought the pack would fit out of the box; I had no idea what i was doing. . Go to someone who is experienced. Try on lots of packs. Reviews give good info, but you won't know unless you try. There are things on this bag I don't like, but there are things on every bag I don't like. I was able to get this one fitted with torso and shoulder, and it is comfortable for me-- last thing you want is an ill fitting pack

Unanswered Question

Can anyone compare the Amber 60 to the Deva 60? I LOVE the fit of the Deva, but I didn't get a chance to try the Amber. Any comfort difference? (I have read the tech specs, but they don't mention the padding differences)

Incredible reviews, but not convinced.

  • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

Got it for a trip that didn't materialize, but.....I did load it with all the gear I was going to take. I got the xs, I'm 5 feet exactly 126 pounds. I got measured at a store, not Backcountry. The guy told me I was a size small. After buying a size small very quickly it was painfully obvious it was too big. I got this xs from Backcountry, I loaded it with all the gear. First of all it has a nice and removable day pack inside, whick also doubles as a holder for your Camelbak or other hydration bladder. I quickly discovered that having my 100 oz. Camelback in there would 1. take too much space and 2. if it leaks I'd have a major flood. I removed the backpack and you can find a way of putting it on the outside, but since I never went on my trip I'm not sure how it would work in real life. The pack weighed 25 pounds with gear including stove, food , sleeping bag and extra clothes for an alpine trip, xtra shoes and I was going to add a 1 person bivy. There was still room for a few more items. The accessibility is great from the bottom, the front and the top. I prefer maybe a few more pockets. Where my problem really came in to play was the fit. I loaded it as I would in the field and walked 1/2 mile. I never felt like the hip belt was really supporting the majority of the weight and the shoulder straps did not feel exactly comfortable. I have not backpacked in a lot of years but I'm really fit and have relatively broad shoulders, so the straps did not sag or fall off they were just plain not as comfy as all the reviews made it out to be. My walk was going to be the Haute Route carrying about a 20 pound pack, so in the end I'm glad the trip is not going to happen, because I have more time to explore other options. It may be another Gregory pack, but I am certain it won't be this one, at least not with the shoulder straps it comes with. If you can, get it at a store where someone knowledgeable will actually work with you and tweak the fit so it's exactly right. Maybe that's what went wrong with me.