For sending it across snow melt and through downpour.

Backcountry rides bring some of the best adventures, following deer trails through windy woods, up ridgelines, and across rivers, but between stream hopping, and sporadic downpours, they can get wet, too. Whether it's the dew soaked branches, snow melt streams, or just braving the storm to bang out some miles on the bike, it's important to snag a pair of shorts that can withstand gnarly weather. Throw on a pair of the Fox Attack Pro Water shorts and you'll be loving life when downpours no longer lead to a soggy chamois and cold wet quads.

Fox's designers put serious technology into the construction of these shorts, with three-layer fabric that naturally stretches for comfort when you're getting mashy on your pedals. TrueSeal repels water and wind, but doesn't insulate, so it won't bog you down with extra heat, and it remains breathable even when treated with C6 DWR to cut through rain. A Teflon fabric protector repels stains, so you no longer have to worry about mud ruining the look of your favorite baggies. Fully sealed seams keep drops of water from sneaking through the cracks, so you can stay dry underneath.

Since you'll be loaded with technology that repels water on the outside, it's important to have features to keep you dry on the inside as well. Fortunately Fox's designers thought things out, with built in breathability that wicks away perspiration and dries quickly so you can keep cool. If you're sending it from trail to coffee shop to warm up after the rain, you'll be glad to have reflective logos illuminating under headlights to keep you visible from the trailhead to town.

  • Waterproof shorts seal out rainy weather and splashes
  • 3-layer fabric fights water and wind, while stretching for comfort
  • C6 DWR treatment keeps water rolling off so you stay dry
  • Breathable fabrics prevent overheating and wick moisture away
  • Fully sealed seams keep water from sneaking in through cracks
  • Rider Attack Position patterning for comfort when riding
  • Ratchet closure waist proven for fit and performance
  • Teflon coating prevents stains from flinging mud
  • High-vis logos illuminate under headlights
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