Rad Dad Ski

A quick survey of the ski resort's most crowded runs usually includes old men carving through the fiasco as graceful as ballerinas. Their prowess is undeniably due to years of experience, but they also know how to choose a fine pair of sticks. Folsom's Rad Dad Ski craves carving at high speeds; its stiff flex compliments the wide turn radius so you can employ equitable grace at eye-watering speeds. At 95mm, the waist of the ski sports enough camber to edge firmer snow, but the mildly rockered tip eases navigation if you come in contact with softer snow. All in all, this plank is a good alternative to powder skis for days where there isn't a single ounce of soft stuff at the resort.

  • All-mountain ski with a propensity for high-speed carving
  • 95mm waist with a wide turn radius for stability
  • Mildly rockered tip holds its own in softer snow
  • Traditional camber underfoot holds an edge on corduroy
  • Full wood core with carbon and fiberglass for stiff flex
  • Sandwich construction with full sidewalls for durability
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