FischerRC5 Classic Boot

Classic with a speedy twist.

From the soft whisk whisk of your steady skis to the sweet sound of songbird in the nearby pines, your heart has always found peace on a classic nordic track. Now you're looking to up the game and gain a little speed, and for that the Fischer RC5 Classic Boot assists with enhanced power transfer and flex while still cradling your foot in comfort. As you gain speed on the snowy track, you'll need not worry about wet feet, thanks to a breathable membrane that blocks the snow but still allows excess heat to escape, while lightweight insulation wards off the cold temperatures so your toes aren't going numb by your third lap. A snug race fit and adjustable heel strap help stabilize your foot in the RC5, and the race classic sole's soft flex gives you the lightweight support and mobility you need to kick yourself into high gear.

  • Nordic ski boot for aggressive classic skating
  • Breathable membrane keeps your feet dry as you travel
  • Lightweight insulation for warm toes on the track
  • Race sole transfers power straight from foot to ski
  • Moldable liner offers a comfortable, personalized feel
  • Heel fit strap provides optimum hold and heel fit
  • Loops on tongue and heel make these easy to take on and off
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