The biggest little thing.

Redoing your bar tape is a small luxury that can feel like a much pricier upgrade during your everyday rides. Swapping out your peeling, sweat-stained tape for Fizik's Superlight Soft Touch Microtex Bar Tape won't be as monumental as a new featherweight carbon frame might be, but it still might help you combat falling into a training rut.

As its name suggests, the 2mm-thick Microtex tape makes for a soft, tactile resting point for your hands during a ride, and its plushness doesn't come at the expense of durability. It comes laser-cut to prevent rips and tears, and Fizik includes all of the necessary parts, including two rolls of tape, two lever clamp strips, two finishing strips, and two bar plugs.

  • Bar tape gives your hands a soft, supple landing point
  • Laser-cut perforations and endings for durability
  • 2mm thick for tactile grip on the bars
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