Pop on top.

Jour sans is one bit of French that every cyclist knows, as we've all had one and we'll all have them in the future. While looking good in the saddle is always important, it becomes even more so when the legs aren't popping. Toward this end, Fi'zi:k's Superlight Glossy Bar Tape adds some high-octane aesthetics to your machine, even if the engine is running on fumes.

The Superlight Glossy tape is made from Fi'zi:k's versatile Microtex material, a synthetic that's now been proven at every touchpoint on the bike. Microtex adds just the right amount of cushion while stopping short of muddying bar feel. It's long-wearing and cleans up nicely, too, so those good looks will see you through many more miles of suffering than traditional cork tape.

  • Aesthetically charged bar tape that adds pop to the cockpit
  • Synthetic material outlasts traditional cork
  • Long-mile comfort that looks good during coffee stops
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Stays white and clean

Stays white and clean

White that stays White

    The Fizik Superlight Glossy bar tape actually holds its color and doesn't fade or get dirty over time. It is not particularly cushioned, but that was okay for me. They look slick, ride great, and are durable over time.