Skip discomfort.

You can tell, after a few spins around the driveway, that the saddle that came with your new road bike leaves something to be desired. Sure, you could put up with it for a season or so, narrowing down exactly where it puts the most uncomfortable pressure on your sit bones, or you could skip the pain and swap it out right away for the Fizik Luce Manganese Saddle. Fizik devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to its new women's-specific saddle, shaping it to accommodate women's bodies with a more drastic taper towards the nose to even out weight distribution and ensure thigh clearance.

As you test your new bike's limits on longer, faster rides, the Luce's three-piece shell will adapt to your body movement to prevent fatigue while maintaining just the right amount of stiffness. You'll be able to drive power into the pedals when you're floating along a serpentine climb after work, with enough flex to enjoy staying out all day on Saturday group rides. A lengthy pressure relief cutout along the saddle's middle also helps with this; it encourages healthy, consistent circulation throughout soft tissue to prevent numbness from getting in the way of enjoying new routes, first races, and your speedy new frame.

  • Skip discomfort and pick a saddle that won't slow you down
  • Tapered shape built to specifically accommodate women
  • Pressure-relief channel encourages healthy circulation
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon shell blends flex with rigidity
  • Manganese rails establish a durable platform
  • IschialFlex cover protects saddle's internals
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