Fi'zi:k Arione 00 - 7x9 Braided Rails
Fi'zi:kArione 00 - 7x9 Braided Rails

Streamlined, ultra-light support.

Weighing a paltry 135-grams, the Fi'zi:k Arione OO 7x9 Braided Rails is certainly the lightest saddle in Fi'zi:k's Arione line. And for good reason, considering the Arione OO's targeted audience consists of competitive racers and the most discerning of gram-counting cyclists. The saddle's secret to shaving considerable weight lies within its Composite Carbon OO shell, minimal padding, and one-piece Mobius Carbon Braided rails. However, just because it's extremely light doesn't mean it skimps on comfort or durability. Case in point, its Mobius Carbon Braided rails use a texturized carbon cloth wrap for secure clamping and higher levels of durability. Going one-step further for comfort, the clamping zones are flatter in shape for higher levels of vertical compliance.

Twin Flex technology allows the saddle to flex downward where your inner thighs rest to distribute pressure evenly. Furthermore, the saddle's sides feature Wing Flex tech, which facilitates downward flex along the saddle's outside to accommodate pedaling movement. Rounding things out, the saddle is finished with a smooth Microtex OO cover. Since there's minimal padding, this saddle is optimized for cyclists who are very spinally flexible, or what Fi'zi:k dubs as "Snake" riders.

  • Optimized for spinally flexible cyclists
  • Twin Flex technology (flexes downward along inner thighs)
  • 7x9-millimeter Mobius Carbon Braided rails
  • Composite Carbon OO shell with Wing Flex tech
  • Microtex OO cover
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    Nice stile, confortable and light

    The New Benchmark

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Generally speaking, Fizik saddles are some of the best out there; most people can enjoy even their models below the century mark. The standard Arione has been a staple in the pro peloton, and a favorite of those that spend upward of 30 hours/week on their bikes. The Arione 00 is an improvement upon all of the others in so many ways.

    The most obvious advantage to dropping the extra coin on this bit of bling is an incredibly light, comfortable, and good looking saddle.

    The detail that most don't realize is that the shell of the saddle is built entirely out of super-stiff, strong, and light carbon fiber. This translates into two great features:

    1. Because the saddle shell does not flex very much, it provides superb support for your ischial tuberosities (sit bones), which helps to keep you from sitting on your soft tissues and causing nerve damage and/or blood flow stoppage (similar idea to a cut-out, but with more surface area contact)

    2: This saddle will last forever! The first thing to wear out on a saddle is usually not the foam, gel, cover or any of the padding; it is in fact the saddle shell. By having a complete carbon fiber shell, it will take a very, very long time for this one to wear out. I typically run through saddles with composite shells in a few months; I have had this one for over a year with no sign of stopping in sight.

    All in all, one of the best saddles, if not the best saddle I have ever used.