Faction SkisPrime 2.0 Ski - Men's

By all-mountain, Faction means the whole mountain.

When ski companies call a ski all-mountain, they generally mean all-resort—not Faction. The Prime 2.0 Ski is an all-mountain ski for the whole kit and caboodle. This meticulously crafted plank has a versatile design that rides all conditions with equal prowess. The heavily rocker tip and tail navigate deep backcountry powder with ease, and there's enough camber underfoot to give you an edge on groomers. Even the multi-dimensional sidecut assists this ski's versatility, with the ability to carve tight turns in narrow couloirs and open wider turns down large aprons.

It's pretty surprising that Faction could make such a versatile ski that only weighs around three pounds per stick. The Prime achieves such a trim weight with its hybrid wood core comprised of balsa with flax fibers that deliver a moderate flex (7/10 on Faction's flex scale). Just like any lightweight ski, the Prime 2.0 has two carbon laminates to assure the proper stiffness required for charging without chattering. Faction was even able to add a Titanal plate where you mount your bindings for better binding retention. The ski's Microcap construction is similar to a durable sandwich construction with vertical sidewalls, except the edges dip down ever so slightly to increase durability.

  • All-mountain ski rides resort or backcountry with equal prowess
  • Versatile 98mm waist skis soft or hard snow
  • Rocker tip and tail navigate powder days with ease
  • Camber underfoot holds an edge on groomers
  • Multi-dimension sidecut allows a tight or wide turn radius
  • Hybrid wood core keeps the ski around three pounds each
  • Textreme carbon laminates ensure a moderate flex
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