Extra reassurance.

Sure, the bulk of your commute takes place in crowded bike lanes permanently cast in a downtown glow, and you seldom feel like you're actually riding at night. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have some kind of light mounted onto your commuter bike. Instead of spending big on a high-lumen option you don't need, mount the Exposure Lights Switch Headlight with TraceR Tail Light onto your frame to make sure you're able to see and be seen on dimmer side streets, without being overprepared.

As you weave your way through the city, the Switch provides a 350-lumen beam to either light the way in steady mode or alert other road users of your presence in pulsing mode. The headlight comes housed in sleek CNC-machined aluminum to protect it from the elements without weighing you down, as well as a fuel gauge so you can keep an eye on battery life and top it off before you leave the office with the included USB charging cable.

Though you won't be able to see it, other cyclists and motorists will gain an extra heads-up to your presence on the roads with the TraceR casting a 75-lumen beam behind you. Exposure specifically developed the light to emit a wide, flat column that's easier to see within the contours of the road, and that lends extra side visibility to eliminate blind spots. Set it to pulsing or solid modes depending on your preference, and use the fuel gauge — designed to resemble a traffic light — to make sure you're always charged up.

  • Stand out among cars and city lights with this set
  • Headlight and tail light developed with commuting in mind
  • Tail light casts a 75-lumen beam with side visibility
  • Headlight emits 350 lumens to illuminate dim side roads
  • Both attach easily to frame via quick-release brackets
  • Fuel gauges help you stay aware of battery life
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