ENVE M70 Thirty HV 29in Boost Wheelset
ENVEM70 Thirty HV 29in Boost Wheelset

Beefed up and bombproof.

ENVE's original M70 Thirty wheelset ticked all the boxes for hard-riding, adrenaline-chasing trail shredders. The ENVE M70 Thirty HV 29in Boost Wheelset retains all the things we love about the standard version and puffs up the internal rim width from 25 to 31mm to pair perfectly with larger volume tires ranging from 2.3 to 2.5in wide. ENVE also increases the hub width to meet the new 110/148 Boost standard. The extra tire volume and overall wheel stiffness afforded by these changes make the M70 Thirty HV wheels the ideal set of hoops for conquering big drops, carving berms, and cleaning steep, terrain-riddled climbs.

The M70 Thirty HV Boost borrows downhill-specific laminates from its M90 cousin to target the daredevil all-mountain rider with a penchant for gravity speed who still wants the option to climb efficiently when the lifts are closed. The HV model weighs a bit more than the standard iteration, but it's still among the lightest wheels we'd pair with a six-inch enduro bike. The redesigned, hook-less bead is both lighter and more impact resistant than a standard, hooked bead, and the extra width allows for higher tire volume, increasing cornering stability and putting more rubber on the ground at any given time.

As with all of its wheels, ENVE utilizes its Smart system to create a strong, stable wheel for any conditions. A patented process of molding in-spoke holes, nipple seats, and valve stem holes is largely responsible for ENVE's proven reputation of creating wheels boasting one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the industry. ENVE routes the carbon fibers around each hole to maintain continuous fiber integrity, which results in both increased rim rigidity and lower weight at the spoke face.

When laced to a hub, this system facilitates higher and more uniform spoke tension than standard bladder molding. Additionally, ENVE uses a process that eventually removes the inner bladder, resulting in lower weight compared to the many composite manufacturers who leave the rim-shaping, inflatable bladder in the rim once the wheel is complete. The removal process takes time and added expense, but it results in a lighter rim and a perfectly tensioned wheel build.

While the rim tells most of the story, two other facts are worth mentioning. First, the wheels are built in Utah to exacting standards for the longevity you’d expect out of a class-leading wheel system. Second, those big, bruising, Boost hubs make for stiffer tracking up front and yet more improvements to responsiveness out back. The small engagement angle of the rear hub's DT Swiss freewheel also helps clear rocky cruxes and makes for a wheelset that may very well outlast your next few frames.

  • Wheels for making questionable decisions on 29er enduro sleds
  • Generous rim width for plush traction and low PSI
  • Peerless carbon construction embarrasses alloy wheels
  • Hookless bead increases strength and reduces burping
  • Boost hubs address worries of wagon wheel noodliness
  • Eliminating post-production drilling increases rim strength
  • DT Swiss freehubs are the standard for durable bling
  • ENVE owes its carbon-fiber dominance to more than just good looks
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What is the warranty like on these wheels?

Hey Patrick, Enve will warrant all products for defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the original purchase date with proof of purchase, but also their lifetime loyalty offers to the original owner for ENVE wheelowners covers accidents which fall outside of their warranty coverage for any reason (crashes, etc) Feel free to reach me at my direct line 801.204.4547 or email cojohnson@backcountry.com if you have any other questions or are considering picking up a pair of your own Enves and I'd be happy to help! Cheers, Connor

What is the weight of this wheel set?

Hey Sean - This wheelset weighs approximately 932 g / 1037 g (front/rear). I will email you directly so let me know if you have any additional questions.

I ordered an XD centerlock set and they weighed in at 1734g still in the plastic wrap and plastic endcap protectors. I weighed the plastic endcaps at 10g each. The valve stems and rim tape were separate and weigh about 130g as a combined weight

Are these 28 hole spoke count versions?

Best Answer

Yes. I purchased the same pair through Kyle at BC. They are 28.

Matt is correct, these M70's are 28 hole spoke. Give me a shout with any additional questions.