EastonEA30 Aero Ergo Handlebar

More for less.

The Easton EA30 Aero Ergo Handlebar represents a serious step-up from your stock bars thanks to an ergonomic profile that offers miles of blissful comfort—all while leaving your wallet intact for future upgrades to your favorite road steed. It's constructed of aluminum, which provides optimal strength-to-weight, as well as being a price-conscious alternative to pricier carbon bars. 140-millimeter drops facilitate a multitude of hand positions when you're low-slung in an aggressive position.

  • Price-conscious upgrade to your stock bars
  • Aluminum construction optimizes strength-to-weight
  • Ergonomic profile facilitates long-distance comfort
  • 140-millimeter drops for a multitude of hand positions
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  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This is really nice! Almost perfect! The most tiny issue I have is the aero part of the bar. You don’t see it in the website. It’s really wide and I had a time getting my CatEye 200 to fit! If I wanted to signal the stars, fine, but straight ahead took some work.

I had to pay attention when mounting it. I have a 3 degree stem and you have to look at the bars as they curve up at the bottom to make sure they are positioned correctly.

I’m 6’ 230 and 65 years old. I have the 44cm and I never had a bar feel so right for me.

Enjoy! It may not be carbon but the weight is fine. Well, it is for me!


    The sale price is crazy. It's an aluminum bar so if that's not what you want don't get it, but if that's ok with you then you'll enjoy a fairly light and comfortable bar for a good price

    Would you recommend bar tape or no bar tape?