A balance of stiffness and lightness.

The magicians at work in DPS imagined a ski light enough to keep you turning down big, powdery mountains with ease, yet stiff enough to keep you cruising at high speeds. The Lotus 124 Alchemist Ski comes in the best-selling shape that put DPS on the map, and an innovative Alchemist construction combines the lightness that touring skiers look for with the stiffness that freeride skiers need for big mountain bombing.

Most lightweight touring skis stay somewhat stiff due to skinny carbon stringers that run up and down the ski. Alchemist forgoes those skinny strings for—not only one—but two complete carbon sheets wrapping around the sustainable-and-stiff aspen wood core to create incredible stiffness for how little the skis weigh. That doesn't mean the Lotus 124 Alchemist is the lightest ski out there; over four pounds per ski, this plank is probably the limit for average backcountry skiers. Alchemist construction also boasts durable sidewalls that make this Lotus easy to tune season after season.

  • Best-selling DPS powder ski in an Alchemist construction
  • 124mm waist is an undeniable powder hound
  • Alchemist combines an aggressive stiffness with a light weight
  • Prepreg carbon laminates throughout for complete damping
  • Stiff aspen wood core sandwiched between durable, tapered sidewalls
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