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DMM - Dragon 2 Cam

DMM Dragon 2 Cam

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    Tech Specs

    Placement Range:
    [00] 13 - 21 mm, [0] 16 - 25 mm, [1] 20 - 33 mm, [2] 24 - 41 mm, [3] 29 - 50 mm, [4] 38 - 64 mm, [5] 50 - 85 mm, [6] 68 - 114 mm
    [00] 9 kN, [0] 12 kN, [1] 14 kN, [2] 14 kN, [3] 14 kN, [4] 14 kN, [5] 14 kN, [6] 14 kN
    Cam Lobes:
    extendable Dynatec sling
    Claimed Weight:
    [00] 2.6 oz, [0] 2.9 oz, [1] 3.4 oz, [2] 3.8 oz, [3] 4.2 oz, [4] 5.2 oz, [5] 6.9 oz, [6] 9.7 oz
    Recommended Use:
    Manufacturer Warranty:

    Dragon 2 Cam

    DMM's Dragon 2 Cam is fiercer, stronger, and grippier than ever before. Its biggest update for the new model year is without a doubt the teeth, which are redesigned to net more friction on any rock. DMM studied the slipperiest rocks in order to determine the best grip, and the results are the Dragon 2's sharper teeth, increased surface area, and a raw Alu finish. The teeth's surface area tapers off right at the sweet spot, helping you better identify the best placement in any given crack.

    Other updates to the Dragon 2 Cam include improved torsional rigidity, better ergonomics, and of course, a lower weight. Better torsional rigidity means the stem is less flexible for more security while you're placing it in horizontals. The new thumb press helps your second clean easier, and the extendable Dynatec sling sheds weight without decreasing strength. DMM kept the single stem and double axle design for a perfect passive placement.

    • DMM refined its Dragon Cam for a for a lighter trad climb
    • TripleGrip cam lobes reinforced with Raw Alu lobes
    • Stiffer single stem ensures better torsional rigidity
    • New thumb press with extendable Dynatec sling for reduced rope drag

    a couple things about these

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    My partner has a single rack of these and I got chance to try them out the other day in Tuolmne meadows on a route called Phobos where it helps to have extra hand sizes.

    I normally climb with camalots but I've been eyeing these DMM cams for a while, the extendable sling appeals to me, and I generally have very high opinion of DMM. Have to say though after trying them I don't love these for a couple reasons

    the stem is too short. The short stem means trigger is deeper in the crack, and harder to clean. it's more likely to get stuck than camalot which has a longer stem and trigger is set back a ways.

    the lack of a thumb loop, makes these feel super awkward, when placing. especially for the medium sizes and up. which feel off balance and front heavy and floppy aroundy.. it's surprising how much the thumb loop helps when wrangling the larger cams.

    Extendable sling length. When I first saw it I thought it would be a great feature. Unfortunately it's too short. Fully extended it is no where close to the length of a single length sling. So you are still going to have to carry a bunch of slings when rope drag is a problem.

    Re-racking when when sling is extended sucks & if you rack it with the sling extended it's hanging down by your knees getting in the way. it's a pain to have to stop and re clip the sling back into the cam when cleaning. Harder than throwing a single length over your shoulder.

    I know this sounds like an add for c4's, I don't want it to be, but when I was climbing with the dmm cams I found myself wishing for my c4's. I'm probably going to refuse to use these next time. Nothing sucks more than not being able to clean a cam because the trigger is too far in the crack.

    check +

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I usually place these before I place a c4, unless the placement is pretty deep (can be harder to remove). But this goes both ways. Sometimes the shorter Dragon fits a horizontal better without running over the edge. I like the DMM design. So, very good protection, that's holding up.

    Got em for the slings - worth it

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Had never used DMM gear before but was looking to supplement my mastercams and liked the extendable slings of these. Plus, not a camalot fan.

    Got his and other two sizes and love em. Easy to place, solid craftsmanship, handling is easy and extendable sling should realy be standard everywhere


      Never purchased DMM cams before. These are the first cams I've purchased in probably 15 years. Current rack is Wild Country and Aliens. They are pretty smooth but haven't used them as it's still ice season here in Vermont. Don't think I'm going to be a fan of the extendable slings, but we'll see.

      Superior Gear

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      DMM makes quality gear and these cams are no exception. I have used them for a long time and feel that they are much more versatile than the few other brand cams I own. The extendable slings are priceless and the fact you don't have a thumb loop is really a non-issue (put the pummel in the palm of your hand). You can read a more thorough review here:

      Superior Gear


      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Not much to say other than these are perfect in every way.
      They match color scheme and range with the C4s, feel just as bomber if not more, have less of a walking issue due to the literally sticky feel of the non-anodized lobes, and have extendable slings that are so convenient. I don't miss having thumb loops at all. I learned to trad climb on a mix of these and C4s and find myself picking my dragons over C4s whenever I can. Can't wait for the Dragonfly's! <3


      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      These cams are great. I am the kind of person who doesn't like to follow the norm (when it comes to cams, it's hard to argue Black Diamond is not the standard). I purchased a couple of dragons and a couple of wild country friends to decide which I would get a full rack of. These won out. The Dragons have smooth action, feel solid/well constructed, and their features that set them apart (extendable sling and cam lobe texture) stand out.

      Compared to WC Friends, the extendable sling on the Dragons is much more effective. I found it to be significantly longer, allowing for less walking and more horizontal movement of the rope from the placement. The texture of the lobes also give me the feeling that my placements are just a bit more secure, although I am not sure if this is purely phycological or they are actually are more secure. Either way it gives me piece of mind, allowing me to be in the zone as opposed to worrying about a marginal placement below. Lack of a thumb loop has never bothered me. I learned with cams that did not have a thumb loop nor do I aid climb. Even when I have become pumped and needed to abandon my placement for a hold it was never a problem sliding my thumb through a point in the sling to drop the cam.

      Even my friends, all of which climb with C4s, love them and always ask for me to bring them when climbing. Bottom line, at least try a couple of them out. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up winning you over.

      Let Me Tell You About These Cams

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Great and reliable cam. lighter and easier to handle than the camalot, the extendable sling is a nice feature to have also. Tested for strength of over 3,000 lbs, so you feel super safe on the rock.

      My favorite free climbing cam

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      The Dragon's don't have the same walking issue as my C4 Camelot's. They have the extendable sling to save time and weight. I have taken huge whippers on these guys and felt great about the placement when cleaning. Most cams will get the job done but if you are on smooth rock, the Dragons make a world of difference with the triple grip heads, I haven't had any of my placements walk. Only reason not to love them is if you climb aid.

      Crack on

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I use these and C4 Camalots. I prefer the Dragon over the camalot in hand cracks for a couple reasons. I feel that they are lighter and easier to handle than the camalot. I really appreciate the extendable sling that saves using a draw. It "seems" to have less issues walking due to the teeth on the lobes.

      Cheap, lightweight, but no thumb loop

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Yea so I'm not a big fan of cams without thumb loops. However, the DMM Dragons don't weight a lot and you can often find them on sale. The extendable sling is a nice feature to have, but it can also make it a pain to clean one handed. I'm not saying it's hard to remove from a placement, but the process of racking it back on your harness gear loop or gear sling will just require an extra step when sling is extended. Not preferred if you need to clean quickly and with one hand (eg on a steep/traverse section where you'll swing into air or something much harder if you blow it). If you try racking it with sling extended, the cam will be swinging all over the place and it won't feel great when the cam smacks your knee cap.

      If you love thumb loops like I do, but also want an extendable sling, go take a look at Wild Country's new Friends. Or wait and see if BD starts using them on their cams.

      Blue #5 is my most trusted piece

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I took a 30 foot whipper, my first serious fall, onto the Blue #5 and it saved my life. That cam will always have a special place in my heart. :)

      These CAMs are remarkable.

        I gave this as a gift to my friend, but while I was looking into purchasing one of these, it was absolutely mind blowing to watch the video about how these cams are tested for strength of over 3,000 lbs! My friend also said that he loves how these cams are easy to use and that the teeth are a nice feature. He took a big whip on this cam and it held strong as to be expected.

        Da Bomb

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        Things to love about these cams:
        -Extendable sling: Super nice to not have to bring a ton of quickdraws on every climb. While the cams are heavier, I end up saving weight because I can leave draws behind and rely on the extended slings.
        -Grip of the lobes: Compared to BD, these bite into the rock way more. I feel way more comfortable with a marginal Dragon 2 placement than I do with a marginal BD placement.
        -Overall Build Quality: Quality of these cams are second to none. DMM really built these to last, and they will be on my harness for many years to come.

        Things that are okay about these cams:
        -Sand: When climbing in the desert, these cams tend to get a little more gunked up with sand than BD. I cleaned them out after the trip and they were good as new.
        -No thumb loop: Makes it slightly more prone to dropping while removing from harness, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

        Conclusion: While these cams are more expensive and take a little while to get used to, it is definitely worth the investment!

        Perfect cam angle, great lobe surface

        • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

        I gave this as a gift to a relative, but here's what they had to say:

        The Dragon camming devices are pieces of climbing protection that are used by climbers. They are placed in a crack in the rock in order to catch a climber when they fall. The DMM Dragons have a double length runner attachment that gives you the option of extending the runner to reduce walking. The end of the lobes that touch the rocks have sharp corners and three little plates within the end of the lobes that make it feel very secure and sturdy. The stem is flexible which can help when placed in unconventional places. It was really effective when I used it and did its job right.

        -Double length runner
        -Solid camming angle
        -Sturdy lobe surface

        -No thumb loop
        -Not super light weight, but pretty good

        I have used the cams on quartzite rock and granite. I took a fall on a cam placed in a granite crack that worked great. It stopped my fall and I felt very secure.

        The DMM Dragon is a great cam, definitely one of the best options on the market. In comparison to Wild Country and Black Diamond products, I really like the lobe surface and the camming angle of the Dragons.

        Perfect cam angle, great lobe surface

        Great and Easy to Work With

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        Used these at devils lake for anchors on top rope. They have good range and are amazingly study. My favorite cams on the market.

        Superb cams

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        I absolutely love everything DMM makes and the Dragons are no exception. If you're on the fence about getting them instead of Camalots, I think they are totally worth it but it really depends of your preferences for handling and features. Personally, the lack of the thumb loop is no issue for me, as I think the cams are just as easy to handle as Camalots. I have never once fumbled with them in any way when on lead, but if you really love the thumb loop, then stick with BD's as they are awesome too and a bit cheaper.

        The feature you get in exchange for the lack of thumb loop is the extendable sling, which I LOVE!!! It extends about as far as a quickdraw does but does a better job at preventing walking because the sling transfers very little rope movement to the cam. This also means you don't have to carry extra draws just to prevent cams from walking, which saves A LOT of weight. Taking 8 draws, averaging 3-4 oz per draw, off of your harness saves 1.5 to 2 pounds! It also gives you an option to prevent carabiners from being loaded over an edge, which you can't do without an extendable sling.

        In further comparison to BD's, the color coordination is the same and their range is virtually identical, so they make great doubles to a set of Camalots. However, Dragons use a lower camming angle (13.75 vs. 14.5) so they have better holding power in the outer extremities of their range. Just watch DMM's video of a Dragon picking up a 1 ton boulder in an undercammed placement to see what I mean.

        The only issue with them as compared to Camalots is that the sling will wear out faster, but they still last plenty long and there are now plenty of resling services for them here in the States.

        Overall, Dragons are killer and are my personal preference for cams. They are supremely smooth to handle and are bomber pieces of protection. DMM really got it right with these cams. I only wish they would make some micro cams now!!!

        Superb cams

        What is the camming angle you're talking about? Thanks!

        What is the camming angle you're talking about? Thanks!

        Dragons vs. Camalots

          In comparison to Black Diamond Camalots the DMM Dragon cams have a number of pros and cons. The size ranges of the Dragons are nearly identical to those of the Camalots. So there won’t be wasteful overlap if you mix and match. The Dragons are made in the UK; the Camalots are made in China. That’s one big point in the Dragons favor. Quality control is not what you think of when you think of Made in China.

          The Dragon cams definitely have significantly better grip than a Camalot, even a well-used one with scratched up lobes. This means that all other things being equal the Dragon placements are going to more secure: less likely to pull out and less likely to wander. That is another big point in the Dragons favor.

          DMM widened the cams on the revised Dragons so now the cams on the Camalots and Dragons are about the same width.

          One thing that Black Diamond definitely got right is the thumb loop. A Dragon feels more wobbly in one’s hand when retracting the lobes. I think that is chiefly because a Camalot snugly cups the sides of the thumb, where the thumb on a Dragon feels like it might want to slide off. The wobbly feel may also stem from the springs, cables or friction about the axles; it is hard to tell.

          I also find removing a Camalot from my harness with one hand to be easier. I can grab the racking biner, remove it from my harness and then flip the cam around to grab the trigger and thumb loop. If I tried that with a Dragon I might drop it. I find that I need to grab the trigger and put my thumb on the thumb pad then while still holding onto those reach up and open the gate of the racking biner. It’s a bit of an awkward handful; the dyneema sling is in the way while with a Camalot the nylon slides down out of the way. Also a slung Dragon is inclined to spin about on the slender strands of dyneema on which it is strung, while a C4 stays put in the orientation in which you place it on your harness on the much wider, stiffer nylon.

          In my opinion, the use of a pure nylon sling is a point in the Camalots favor. The less stretchy dyneema performs more poorly when subjected to highly dynamic forces. Over its lifetime dyneema looses more strength than nylon subjected to similar use. So prudence would seem to demand replacing the dyneema sling more frequently than one might with the nylon. Being wider nylon is going perform better laying across an edge as any forces will be spread out more widely. Also the nylon will be laying flat while the dyneema is likely to be twisted, further reducing the contact area.

          I extend all of my trad placements with a two-foot draws so I don’t see the extendable dyneema slings of a Dragon as enabling me to carry fewer trad draws. A Dragon with the dyneema sling fully extended measures 13 inches from the thumb pad to the tip of the biner that would be clipped into the leader’s rope. A Camalot measures 32 inches from the same reference points when clipped with a fully extended 2-foot trad draw clipped into the Camalot’s nylon sling. Thirteen inches of extension just isn’t enough to prevent rope drag on wandering routes or placements in deep cracks.

          The stem of a Camelot seems to flex more readily so that is a point in the Camalots favor, which is important in shallow horizontal placements. DMM warns about such placements in the accompanying instructions. Only the part of the stem above the trigger bar flexes on a Dragon cam, while with a Camalot the whole stem flexes except the solid one-inch long cable swedge just above the cams.

          The weights of each size are nearly identical.

          Bottom line: Both the Dragon and Camalot are good, reliable cams. In an ideal world I would mix and match the best features of each.

          I just want to point out that BD moved manufacturing of climbing gear back to the U.S. either last year or the year before.

          Great cams

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          I bought these to double up my rack and compliment my Black Diamond C4s. So far, these are great and I'm huge fan of the extendable sling. They take some getting used to from an ergonomic stand point if you're a Black Diamond cam user. The thumb press feels a bit awkward at first, but you get used to it. Additionally, I don't think the triggers are as smooth as the C4s, but in every other aspect I like these very much. On routes where I know I don't need to extend as much, I take these and leave the quick draws on the ground. Ditto for my hard sends, I reach for these over the C4s.

          No complaints at all

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          Fantastic fit and finish. Love the original cam angle on the double axle design. Don't miss the BD thumb loop at all -- never was much of a fan. Small hands friendly, as well.