Safety first, last, and everywhere in between.

DMM's Buddy sets the bar for back-up devices. Built to allow free-flowing rope movement both up and down a safety line, the Buddy also features a constant cam angle for consistent and reliable operation.

  • At just 192 grams, the Buddy won't bog you down any further than your already gear-intensive hobby does when you're trying to make vertical progress
  • Free movement up and down ropes unless a fall occurs
  • Designed for rope-access applications
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What rope diameters are the Buddy suitable with? I'd be interested in using this for TR soloing (backed up of course), but can't seem to find much information about it. Any additional info available, or thoughts, regarding this?

Best Answer

The Buddy 200 (This one) is suitable for ropes sizes 11mm-12mm. However DMM also makes another Buddy, the Buddy 100 that fits rope sizes 10.5mm-11mm. Hopefully this was helpful!

Thanks Brandon -- Alec

I ran across these on DMM's commercial / tower climbing products site researching top-rope solo gear myself and figured I would share what I found:

Be advised that these guys are designed for a heavy (11 - 13 mm), possibly static work rope and not necessarily for springy thinner rock climbing ropes, and may not be tested or designed for the load of a rock climbing fall vs a less severe fall on a "rope access work" application.

While it is impressive to find them on BackCountry it is probably misleading to assume this works for rock climbing as well, same goes for tree-climbing equipment which involves less intense falls and thicker static rope.

While I am not expert, neither is anyone really on "top rope solo", (and neither does a device specifically designed for top rope solo exist other than the auto-belay at the climbing gym) it is worth looking into the product literature extensively before using this in a self-top rope set up on easy climbs. Do your research, don't climb harder routes solo and back up your system designed to protect you!