Superhero style.

The Diamondback Mini Venom Kids' Bike is decked out in vibrant color schemes and 16-inch mag wheels that give tiny riders the impression that they're flying across the neighborhood in superhero style. It comes with removable training wheels for added confidence when they're learning to balance upright in an open parking lot or extended driveway. The rear fender protects their clothing from flinging water and dirt, as well as adding unmistakable coolness to this sweet whip. 2.125-inch tires grip across asphalt and light off-road surfaces, should you take your little cyclist over a scenic gravel trail. For quick stopping, Diamondback sticks with coaster-style brakes, which are by far the easiest for little kids to use.

  • Vibrant bike makes first-timers excited to ride
  • Removable training wheels help beginners with balance
  • 16-inch wheels are perfect for the smallest of riders
  • Mag wheels catch attention with their swirled design
  • Coaster-style brake is easier to use for little kids
  • Rear fender stops flinging water and muck
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