Il Monstro.

To say that the De Marchi Men's Blockhaus 67 Cotton Polo Jersey was inspired by Eddy Merckx is a relative understatement. After all, the jersey does have his name emblazoned across its chest. And while wearing it certainly won't endow you with Merckx-worthy la course en tête capabilities, it will perhaps offer a hint of confidence and a retro-inspired look that's hard to argue with, especially considering the fact that Merckx's alternative nickname was The Cannibal—and who wants to argue with a cannibal?

Though, why not name the jersey "Il Monstro" instead of Blockhaus? Well, the answer is simple. The famed Blockhaus climb is where Merckx made his mark and ultimately won his first stage. Merckx would go on to win several races and dominate cycling competitions. This jersey is a tribute to Merckx's monumental transition moment and features those iconic checker block details that Merckx was wearing the day that his history changed. In keeping with the original jersey construction, the Blockhaus is equipped with a slim fit, cotton fabric, and a demure swagger that's distinct of winning.

  • A tribute jersey to Eddy Merckx
  • Cotton construction lends comfort
  • Slim fit maintains a heritage-inspired look
  • Three rear pockets keep small items close
  • Checker block pattern is distinctly iconic
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