Dale of Norway Dovre Sweater - Men's

Found among the Rondane.

Named after the Dovrefjell mountain range where legendary trolls hid, the Dale of Norway Dovre Sweater has a history heralded by the saints, ghosts, and hobgoblins of Oppland county. A quintessential piece, this sweater thrives in cold-weather climates and performs exceedingly well in a wide range of aerobic activities.

Crafted with the hardy, eco-friendly Norwegian wool, this sweater has naturally extraordinary warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities. This strongly knitted wool sweater has devastatingly gorgeous designs that are redolent of mountain ranges, eskers, and glittering snowfall. With its lovely quarter-zip detailing, drop back, and diverse knit pattern, this piece has a virile opulence without much effort.

  • 1005 medium weight Norwegian wool
  • Drop back
  • Quarter-zip
  • Artisanal detailing
  • Machine wash
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