Accessorize it.

Indoor training days are the pits. Even if you've cued up a motivating playlist, popped in a good movie, and have a dedicated space set aside for your trainer, nothing seems to make the hours go by fast. Might as well give yourself every available advantage in training comfort and functionality with the CycleOps Trainer Accessory Kit.

CycleOps includes a trainer mat, training tire, sweat guard, and two climbing blocks in the kit. The mat protects sensitive floor surfaces from the trainer while the sweat guard keeps your frame clean from dripping sweat during intense training sessions. Two climbing blocks allow you to position your front tire so that you'll sit in a position that mimics climbing to work different leg muscles. Added to the kit is a trainer tire, so you won't ruin an expensive road tire.

  • Accessory kit makes indoor training more pleasant
  • Compatible with any of CycleOps' indoor trainers
  • Trainer mat protects floor surfaces from trainer
  • Sweat guard keeps dripping sweat off your bike frame
  • Two climbing blocks for mimicking position of climbs
  • Trainer tire ensures you won't ruin an expensive tire
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