More brains than a service station hot dog.

Piercing cold can hurt your brain so much that you'll wonder if you have less thinking power than a service station hot dog. Warm up your cranium, and protect your brains from depleting to gas-station meat-tube levels with the help of Crafts Wrap hat. With windproof VentAirX fabric on the front, you'll cut through wind with ease and keep your frontal lobes toasty, which, if we payed enough attention in anatomy, we're pretty sure control your motor functions, an ever important component of cycling. A stretchy polyester-elastane blend offers comfort in the fit around your head, and a brushed fleecy lining keeps you insulated, so you can keep going with full motor function through cold winter cycling.

  • A warm and wind-cutting beanie for winter cycling
  • Keeps your frontal lobes toasty on icy days
  • VentAirX fabric slices through wind and breathes
  • Moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Stretchy polyester-elastane allows a comfortable fit
  • Brushed backing is soft against your skin
  • Reflective accents boost low light visibility
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