Speed that doesn't gamble.

The fact that the folks at Clement named the LAS Tire - Tubular after the airport code for the location of their favorite stateside 'cross race (Las Vegas) should tell you two things about its development. First, it's made by people with a real passion for the sport. Second, its design is informed by actual cyclocross experience, not some computer simulation software in a sterile lab.

This is Clement's speed tire, which is evident in the tread. The center strip of the tire is a fine nail-file tread that gradually builds up in size to a row of full-blown knobs on the shoulders. This design grants speed in the straights and confident control in the corners and technical spots, recommending the LAS for dry, fast, grassy courses. Its tubeless construction and reinforced sidewall decrease your chances of flatting at an inopportune time, making this tire a sure bet. The removable valve core makes for quick application of liquid sealant.

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