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The Sliding Dropouts found on a Civilian Bicycle Co. steed have the derailleur hanger integrated. And if you're riding a Civilian how its builder intended, you're bound to tweak that hanger at sometime.

So, Mr. Hart thought ahead and made these droupouts available on their own. These sliders are made from 7075 T6 aluminum, and they offer a precise alignment of the derailleur for sure shifting. They'll fit the Luddite, Young Turk, Vive Le Roi, Le Roi Le Veut, and Corduroy Rebel.

Please note that these are sold individually as dropouts for the Single Speed Drive-side, Drive-side with Hanger, Non-drive with Disc Tabs, and Non-drive without Disc Tabs.

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Where can I get a Civilian bikes sliding...

Where can I get a Civilian bikes sliding dropout with the derailleur hanger?

I emailed Mr. Hart (the guy who made the bikes) and this is his reply to me... wish I could have written you sooner but HERE IS YO ANSWER!


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will it fit ILL bike frame?

will it fit ILL bike frame?


    Solid but feels surprisingly heavy for how small it is.

    Does it's job

      There is really not a lot to say about a derailleur hanger. It stays in place, and it does it's job. I did notice that the civilian dropouts in generally tend to be a little more flexible than you would think with as beefy as they are.