Train hard, eat well, and kit up right.

Start your race day out right by taking every possible advantage. That means getting a good night of sleep, packing in a good breakfast, and tossing on the Castelli Aero Race Limited Edition Women's Jersey. This lightweight jersey gives you a break wherever possible by boosting your aerodynamics to slice through the wind, and give you a generous helping of free speed for your mission to the podium. Finding the perfect combination of fit and fabrics, this jersey boasts its heritage in racing, without forgetting to keep some comfort in the mix for your longest races and training days.

Across the front, Castelli uses stretchy, lightweight, and breathable Velocity Dry fabric, which sits comfortably against the skin to whisk moisture away with fast-drying efficiency. This fabric also utilizes a tightly knit weave to manage laminar airflow over the body for watt-saving aerodynamics, which will, in theory, translate to less fatigue and more speed out on the road.

The back and sleeves are made of 3D mesh, which is lightweight and dimple-textured. This increases the fibers' effective surface area without adding mass, allowing for increased wicking and an even faster evaporation. While we wouldn't wear it alone in the depths of winter, this does make the Aero Race Jersey appropriate for cool-weather applications as a drier jersey makes for a warmer cyclist.

  • Take every advantage offered with this lightweight jersey
  • Dimpled fabric boosts aerodynamic properties
  • Moisture wicking fabrics keep you cool, light, and dry
  • Compressive band at waist holds hem and pockets in place
  • Aerodynamic fit minimizes excess fabric
  • Three rear pockets and a fourth, zippered pocket stow essentials
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