Soulful freeride.

Originally conjured up in the experimental lab of Craig's Proto Facility, the Burton Family Tree Working Stiff Snowboard takes a newfound approach to surfing across the mountain on powder days with its Filet-O-Flex profiling. This milling process results in a thinner, swallowtail-inspired rear that flexes fluidly and floats with uncanny ease. However unlike a swallowtail, you still have a solid section for stomping backseat landings and snapping off natural hits across the mountain.

The thinner, swallowtail-inspired rear is paired with a shovel-like nose that's thicker than usual, allowing you to bulldoze powder bumps and chop without getting bucked at higher speeds. Directional Camber retains responsive carving capabilities, with nose rocker and significant taper surfing effortlessly above the fresh stuff. Ultimately, this unique design offers a heightened degree of fluidity and float without compromising stability for charging the mountain or busting through chop when the pow's all tracked up.

  • Experimental freeride board with a swallowtail soul
  • Filet-O-Flex creates a thinner, swallowtail-inspired rear
  • Shovel-like nose is thicker for bulldozing bumps and choppy snow
  • Directional Camber is responsive on steeps and enhances float
  • Significant taper (20mm) drops the rear end for better float
  • Super Fly II core balances lightweight feel with plentiful snap
  • Super Sap Epoxy is bio-based to lessen carbon footprint
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