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Fashion for your saddle and shoulder.

The Brooks Victoria Leather Saddlebag may be the coolest piece of genius we've seen for the urban riding set. While it initially looks like a handbag that has been carefully shaped to resemble a bike saddle, a closer look reveals that it is indeed designed to be a bike saddle cover.

Renowned for its fine craftsmanship and leather goods, Brooks created the Victoria to wrap around your saddle in such a fashion that the seat bag storage was part of the design. No more hook and loop straps or thematically inconsistent nylon bags need to be attached to your classic commuter bike. What's even better is when you've reached your stop, the bag slips off and may be carried, over-the-shoulder style to your destination. It's the ideal gift for your bike-loving fashionista.

The Brooks Victoria Leather Saddlebag is available in one size and in several bright, eye-catching colors: Mandarin, Olive, Mustard, Apple green, Violet, Black, and Turquoise,

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I don't quite get what this is .... Is it a handbag or is it a saddle cover? Or does it purport to be both at the same time? In which case how would I use it as a handbag if I was to try and cover my saddle when away from the bike? If it is a saddle cover, how does something priced at 70$ not get stolen?

Further research reveals that this is indeed not a saddle cover at all - but really just a bag and that's shaped like a saddle cover and nothing else.