In-a-day wall route? This is your bag.

The Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag is a small big wall bag ideal for one-day aid climbs or as a second bag. The 2136cu inches of cargo space easily holds the gear you need for a full day of Grade IV climbing, without taking up excess space or weight. Waterproof and constructed to take abuse, the Stubby, Black Diamond's smallest haul bag, keeps your gear intact while the wall dishes out abuse. Use the suspension on the approach, the quickly tuck it away to avoid hang-ups.

  • Stowable shoulder straps to eliminate snags while hauling
  • Small size makes this bag excellent for in-a-day routes
  • Also ideal for a cragging pack if you want something burly
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Heavy and durable AF.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've dropped this bag from 3 pitches up and it didn't have a scratch. This bag has been a staple for 5+ years on longer approaches and hauling up overnight climbs from Yosemite to the Winds. It's pretty heavy - but this will be the last haul bag you ever buy!

Heavy and durable AF.

Tried and True

    Firstly, I've had this pack for 10+ years. Every year I've done multiple trips to Moab UT, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and every crag spot in Utah across the Wasatch front. Here is what the bag doesn't do:

    The Piglet

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I needed a new crag pack, so why not get one that doubles as a small haulbag for bigger wall routes? The material is much stiffer than the 32oz. stuff on my Fish Deluxe big pig haulbag, which means this thing is about as burly as they get.

    It fits my full double rack from #00 to #5, draws, nuts, etc., an extra layer, two pairs of shoes, a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle, a couple tastier beverages, and my helmet at full stuff. I don't mind that it doesn't fit a rope because if I'm carrying the rack, my climbing partner gets rope duty.

    The thick shoulder straps feel great on the approach with 20-30lbs and are easily stowable for hauling. The Stub will definitely show signs of hauling and general crag pack abuse, but I doubt it will ever blow a seam or fail. If it does, though, it's easily repairable with some heavy duty thread and a couple layers of Plastidip.

    Burl Bag

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This is a great bag for just about every climbing use. The only thing I don't use this bag for is multi-day alpine stuff that requires me to pack a tent. Other than that, I use it for absolutely everything.

    It's great for short walls. It's even a great alternative to huge haul bags for long walls - Two people with Stubby sized bags beats the heck out of using something like a Zion because organization is easier, you've got roughly the same volume capacity and it makes the approach and decent easier as each person can carry half of the load. For cragging, I flake a 70 into the bottom of the bag and can still cram a rack, draws, harness, helmet, food and water on top - albeit just barely.

    Anyway, I would totally recommend this bag if you want something that, although it may not be especially flashy - mine actually is pretty flashy because I spray painted a stencil of R2Rd on the side ;) - it's pretty dang versatile and will last for ages.

    Built to last

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    While originally intended as a wall-in-a-day bag, the BD Stubby also has a secret double life as one of the very best crag packs ever made.

    Don't go taking your UL backpacking pack to the crag when all you're doing is shlepping around your rack & a 6-pack from line to line (not that you should be drinking and climbing at the same time!)--the BD stubby is tough enough to get thrown around at the base of any climb, it's easy to use, and seriously--who cares about saving grams when you're just headed from the parking lot at Donnely canyon up to run laps on Generic Crack?

    Seriously. My favourite cragpack ever.


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    Bomb proof

      I love these bag, it is great to pack all your day climbing gear. i easily pack a 70m rope a full set of cams, stopers, hex, helmet, quick draws, etc and it packs easily and the best is that it is super durable.



      I am looking for a pack/haul bag for...

      I am looking for a pack/haul bag for multi-pitch free routes using my silent partner. I was thinking this might be a good pack to feed my rope out of on hanging belays. Any opinions?

      I think a haul bag would be overkill if what you really want is a rope bag. You'd have to haul this up after you jumar (you wouldn't want to jumar with it on your back). If you use a rope bag or backpack, you could probably jumar while wearing it, and save yourself the extra step of hauling.

      You might check out:

      Or longer list at:

      I personally use a pair of Ikea shopping bags. They're light, durable, and cheap.

      Thanks for the advice. I checked out the Metolius pack and think that might be more up my alley since it is smaller. I have a 30-45 minute approach to the walls I intend to climb at in western NC so I would like to have something I can carry on my back versus the rope bucket design. I also prefer to free climb the lead pitches on top rope versus jumaring. My only concern is how well the rope will feed out of the bag while on lead.

      i have the metolius and my climbing partner has the stubby, if you want the smaller one get the metolius but if you bring lots of crap get this


        This bag is serious. It is as durable as anything out there, like knife-stopping durable. Im not willing to stab my $100 dollar bag in order to prove myself right, but you get the idea. It is a great size for on day climbs and sport-climbing, and holds the essentials with ease. I got it on sale, but had I known what I know now, I would have easily paid full price for it. Its a great bag and I plan on using it for years to come.

        is it waterproof?

        is it waterproof?

        NO it is NOT waterproof ( sides are but top doesn't seal-pff and there are drain holes in the bottom) , however it is water-resistent, this pack has been in a rain storm and fallen in Big cottonwood creek. Althogh it isn't water proof it will protect your gear from the elements well.

        NO it is NOT waterproof ( sides are but top doesn't seal-pff and there are drain holes in the bottom) , however it is water-resistent, this pack has been in a rain storm and fallen in Big cottonwood creek. Althogh it isn't water proof it will protect your gear from the elements well.

        could you get 10mm by 60m of rope in here...

        could you get 10mm by 60m of rope in here with spare room for harness shoes etc.

        If you hand coil the rope into the bag you could get your 10mm rope, climbing shoes, harness, helmut, water bottle and lunch.

        22" high x 13 wide 9" deep, should fit most your gear.

        yup if the rope is stacked properly you could belay out of the bag also

        Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag - Bulletproof

          Of all of my gear bags the Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag has taken the most abuse and withstood every bit of it. It got dropped of a 180 foot cliff by accident skid the entire way down the sandstone and hardly had a scratch. The opening makes all of your gear easily accessible without having to reach down into a dark bag feeling for what you need. You'll never have to pull out everything to find what you want. I recommend this bag to anyone who needs to haul a bunch of gear around.

          I love to hear that others love this bag as much as I do.


            bags great. great durability, weight and 85 L size would be nice

            This pack ROCKS!!!

              I use this pack often and it is the best addition to my canyoneering gear! It just went on 4 rappels, 2 swims and it's the toughest piece I own. It has been dragged, hauled, mauled, thrown, sank, and strapped fully loaded on the back of my GS BMW 650 down a dirt road 35 miles to go canyoneering! This bag is easy to access and I love it!

              How big is it in lt?