Black Diamond Rotor
Black DiamondRotor

Take some punishment out of hauling with the Black Diamond Rotor.

Connect the Black Diamond Rotor between your haul bag and haul line to eliminate the brutal twisting that occurs in the line when your pig spins during a free-hanging haul. This aluminum swivel uses enclosed bearings to let your overloaded bag spin freely without kinking 200 feet of hanging rope on a big wall climb. The Black Diamond Rotor also holds up to three carabiners on each end to make it easier to clip the pig to your anchor when you finish the chore .

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Pretty cool

    Bought it for daughter, very well made and smooth for solid and free spinning.

    BD rotor

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    if you where thinking on buying the petzl swivel, DONT. this one performs equaly and costs a lot less money.

    work great as any BD product

    Like Kinked Ropes?

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    If you really like kinked, twisted beyond repair ropes at hanging belays with haul bags attached to the end of them, then you should not buy this thing. On the other hand, if you'd rather spend your time climbing than untangling a rat's nest of twisted static line, then this is just the ticket.


      Yep it works and works well. I have only used it twice so not sure on how it works over time, but so far pretty good. I like that my rope no longer gets all wound up.

      Great Rotor

        Great mutli purpose rotor, good for all the uses listed below as well as a great tool for keeping you slack line straight for those that have a tough time setting up a legit slack line(is that an oxymoron?).

        Get Some.

          If you are contemplating getting the Black Diamond Rotor swivel or not for hauling the answer is yes. Its advantages far out-weight its disadvantages---if it even has any.

          BD Rotor

            Great tool, buy one. Even when climbing with a pack I attach this to the top handle strap, when I need to drop the pack for a hard pitch, I am set.

            Its a good rotor!

              It has a smooth turning action and works very well. We use it for climbing and some performance rope art we do. It has exceeded our expectations and as stated, costs much less that petzl!

              It's a rotor

                It works, and it's 2/3s the price of the Petzl Swivel.