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Saves you precious seconds when they count the most

The Black Diamond Ice Clipper is a simple and light way to rack ice screws. The Ice Clipper will attach to nearly any harness out there and hold a half-dozen screws. They also stay in place, which makes racking easy. Ice Clippers are also great for holstering tools when you want them out of your hands.

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Does the job

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Nice light weight biner for holding multiple ice screws.

brake with very litle force

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

A lot of times the wire of the gate gets out of its place an you drop your ice screws.

And now with very litle force they broke...

it's almost like they are made to fail...(so you 'll lose your ice screws and buy more...)

brake with very litle force

Does it´s job... but could be better

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

So Works really well until the small plastic pin inside the carabiner breaks.
As well it´s small design dose not fit much gear and makes it a bit difficult to manage with a lot on your rack.
I would recommend the Petzl Caritool instead...

Does the clipper come with a rubber strap? The strap allows attachment to harnesses without clipper slots.

I just ordered this in Dec 17 and it did come with that rubber strip.

Great clip

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These are great for screws or even your ax. I didnt like how they slipped off of my harness so I put a drop of super glue between the clip and glued it onto thte fabric of the harness. Been using it hard for about a year and it hasnt come off yet.

Good, but petzl's are better

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These are good for racking screws (and I also find them useful for stashing stuff on rock climbs when I'm reorganizing at a belay, or just don't want something to fly away), but the petzl design feels way more stable and doesn't twist/move as much on the harness.

Best use isn't for ice climbing

    I have had friends who have had these break due to cold - Petzl's product and Omega Pacific 5-0 'biners work better for racking screws and tools. BUT these gizmos are GREAT for hanging on walls! The gate action and depth of the gate can't be beat for clipping your reusable shopping bags, backpacks, etc. to a wall. Had I not gotten one for free, I would have never found out how good they are. So go organize your gear closet and your kitchen with some style!


    Ya, just can't live without them!


    Great idea, poor execution.

      The BD ice clipper is a good idea, but there are so many design flaws that I can't recommend it to anyone. Especially not when Petzl makes the caritool which performs much better.

      1. Racks 4 - 6 screws or your tools
      2. keeps things organized and in place

      1. They spin around through the sleeves on your harness (I've experienced this with the BD Blizzard and arc'teryx x350a) whenever you put some weight on them
      2. the spike at the top is not big enough to securely hold screws while you're trying to access the third screw on your clipper
      3. it should be deeper so that you can get more screws/tools on each clipper

      I do not recommend this product to my friends. Instead I recommend the Petzl Caritool which does the same job much better.

      Awesome Clipper!

        These are really nice however they would work really well with the integrated ice clipper loops they have on some ice climbing harnesses. I am just using a sport harness and the little rubberized keeper strap and that does not work so well. Good product. Best if you have an ice harness to integrate them with.

        The greatest

          I love these things. It's a little frustrating getting them firmly AND comfortably attached to a regular harness so I ended up dropping the money on BD's Blizzard climbing harness that has the built-in ice clipper loops. Now, I have zero complaints. I wouldn't use Grivel 360 screws as it is extremely hard to rack and unrack them, but with Turbo Express and Express screws, unracking gear is effortless.

          Good way to rack screws

            But only about five of 'em. So get two. And it's not so great if you have a bunch of different types of screws - works much better with one consistent screw shape.


              If you ice climb and don't have an ice climbing specific harness - get these. You'll be a lot happier.

              BD Ice Clipper

                The ice clipper is a nice addition and it makes racking screws easy. Screws can be removed with one hand by twisting them to open the gate (kind of like your worst nightmare when sport climbing). The only thing that I dont like about it is that I dont think it will hold that many screws. Only a few will fit before they start to get in the way of each other. I usually rack a few on this and a few in the gear loops. You can only really fit one per each side of your harness, so unless you place pro with both hands, you only need and will use one.

                Super sweet

                  These are VERY handy, easy to use with gloves. Great to clip your leashless tools into while you are working with all of your other stuff..

                  Pretty Slick

                    This little guy is pretty slick when it comes to getting your gear racked the way you want. I really like the rest on the top that allows you to flip a screw up and rest it while you grab the length you need below it.


                      Get a pair. Nothing better for most screws. Easy to clip in, and easy to unclip a screw, one-handed even with frozen fingers. Also remember you can flip up your top-racked screws and get to the 3rd or 4th down while all screws are still racked. That's what the little lip at the top is for. Move your shorty up and away and get to your 16s or longer.

                      Great for extra storage

                        I've been using these for rock and ice climbing. The are really nice for clipping tools to or screws while on the ice. for rock climbing I leave them on my harness and use them for extra runners and cordelettes. They don't move around on you too much (they do tend to shift slowing towards the back of my harness) and are really easy to get gear on and off of. If you want extra space on your harness these are a good cheap way to get it.

                        makes ice nice

                          Great places to hold screws. Very light weight. The only down side is the rope sometimes get stuck in it on rappels

                          Must have for Ice

                            If you ice climb and are tired of trying to clip your screws to your regular gear loops and you need a place to safely/securely hang your tools while lowering, then these guys are for you. They absolutely save time, which can be very precious while you're feeling the pump, high off the deck and need to place a screw quickly.

                            Definitely a great idea!