Guide BT

The Black Diamond Guide BT is an avalanche beacon that designed with a full list of features that can fit the needs of mountain professionals. It's built in a housing that has soft contact points to feel better and more secure in your hand when you're conducting a search, and its three-antenna design eliminates spikes, or the scenario where your beacon incorrectly points to a location that is isn't near your victim. An impressive 60-meter circular range means you can pick up your victim's signal from farther away and get on track faster, helping to save precious time, and if the slide has buried multiple victims you can use the mark and scan function to locate multiple victims, and mark each as you find them so your partner can start digging for maximum efficiency. The Guide is equipped with a continuous carry mode, too, which can locate analog beacons in the event that the victim was carrying one.

To ensure that the Guide is always working properly before you head out into the backcountry, it offers a self-check function that takes a diagnoses of the beacon, while its Bluetooth capability allows you to pair it with your smartphone so you can manage settings and check for software updates. It can also pick up a TX600 signal, which is a beacon that operates on a different frequency, designed for dogs, and is compatible with iProbe for more extensive search capabilities.

  • Professional grade avalanche beacon for backcountry travel
  • Three-antenna design reduces signal spikes for improved accuracy
  • 60m circular range lets you pick up victim's signal from farther away
  • Mark and scan function to locate multiple victims in a single search
  • Auto antenna switch automatically adjusts to send the best signal
  • Built-in inclinometer lets you easily read slope angles on the go
  • Continuous carry mode means you can locate analog beacons
  • Bluetooth connection for managing settings and software updates
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