Built for the filthy elite.

The next time you're standing in the lift line, take a look around. You'll notice groups of skiers with old patched-together jackets with duct-tape trim, ski pants that are nearly worn through at the seat, and helmets that look like they were dragged behind the car on the way to the mountain. These are the guys that Black Diamond designed the Dirt Bag Glove for, and you'd be doing yourself a great service to follow these guys around the mountain—if you can keep up. The Dirt Bag is as simple and functional as it can be. A water-resistant goat leather shell, fixed fleece lining, and knitted cuff make up this minimalist glove. That's why it's so inexpensive. That's also why it works so well. So, grab your gloves and look for some dirtbags to tail. Just don't let them spot you, and be ready to huck.

  • Goat leather shell
  • 100g fleece lining
  • Knitted cuff
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The glove to rule them all

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I don't write these often, if at all for that matter. However, this glove has earned it.

Disclaimer: it must fit your hand.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have quite a fleet of gloves. BD, OR, Hestra mainly, and all are good, but I reach for this pair more than any other. I have used it for around 5 years. Ice climbing, belaying/repelling, working on replacing a car battery in -20, resort skiing, ski touring, mountaineering. It has taken all of the abuse, and will still last me a few more years I think. I sized it pretty loose and while it does sacrifice dexterity it has a wide range if you use it right. I was ski touring at 11,000 for three hours at 10 degrees with 30-40 knots sustained last weekend and I had no issues, as an example. Great glove, no frills, the only feature it has is reliability. It's the cheapest glove I own, but no matter what activity I am doing, even if I bring some niche glove, it is always in the pack.

Most Used Gloves

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The Black Diamond Dirtbag gloves are the gloves I find myself reaching for most often. They are not the warmest glove I own, or even close to it. In fact, They're barely insulated, with only 100g of fleece lining the interior. Still, I use them almost daily in the winter here in Park City, Utah. Shoveling or snow blowing the driveway, walking the dog, driving to work in winter, headed out to dinner or for a beer, early morning coffee runs with friends, they're just incredibly practical and useful. The lack of loft actually benefits in dexterity. I've sealed them once, and probably need to again before this second winter hits full-on, but at the price point they're just amazingly useful. I have a size medium that fits snugly without liners, but if I wanted to wear liners underneath I'd have to size up to a large.

If you live in the mountains and don't want to ruin your warmest and nicest ski gloves with the rigors of daily life, these are just an awesome addition to the quiver. If you're early season or spring skiing in temps closer to freezing than 0, they're awesome for that as well. When the temps fall to 0 or the wind and snow are howling, I'll reach for my burlier Hestra Fall Lines, or the Work Glove from Black Diamond.

The elastic cuff is great, it's cozy and snug and doesn't allow wind or snow into the hand area. If we're being honest, it's also helpful to wipe the ole nose as well. Practical use for a practical piece of gear.

Lastly, who doesn't love the classic styling of the yellow leather work glove look?? I sure do, and if that's not your thing, you probably haven't made it this far anyway.

Dirtbag for the win!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I use this as my go to glove. It is just the right mix of warmth, durability & dexterity. I would say the sweet spot for this glove is between 25-40; any colder & you need a liner, any warmer and you are gonna have some sweaty digits. This is a no frills glove that does its job everyday and is ready for more.

Pretty Sweet

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

A little tight for me, but they are holding up well. Fingers get cold around 15 degrees.

My All-time Favorite

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These gloves are the best. Treat with Snow Seal, and wear a wool liner on really cold days. Better than alternatives because of hand-shape construction.


    Like these gloves work durable for abrasive activities.

    Really weird design

    • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

    I wanted to like these gloves but the fit is all off. I ordered a size XL (my hand measures 8" long and 9" circumference). They were really tight in the thumb/forefinger area to the point it was pinching when I would straighten out my fingers, and felt like I would pop a seam. Whereas in the pinky they were 2" too long and felt like they were falling off my hand. So not at all a comfortable fit and definitely a very weird design. Perhaps I just got a defective pair but either way they are going back...

    I went through two pairs, a Large and an XL. I have Black Diamond Patrol gloves and the large fits perfect however these are such a poor fit. Not very comfortable.

    Sizing question - just wondering if these run small or large? My hand measures 8" in length and 9" in circumference and a Hestra size 11 fits me perfectly. Based on the BD sizing guide I should get a large but normally I wear an XL in most glove sizes. Help!

    Hey Ty - I wear a size 10 in Hestra and a Large in Black Diamond Gloves. My hand measures 8" in length, 8" in circumference. I would recommend you go with the XL in these Dirt Bag Gloves. Feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions.

    - Kyle L. - Expert Gearhead

    So far so great

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Love them so far. Been using them all winter. Warm and simple, no frills. Using these since my Flylow Gear Tough Guy glove basically fell apart after a month and a half.

    They do what they are supposed to

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    These gloves are the best spring gloves i've used. I coated them with a bit of sno-seal right when I got them and they've been great sense. I dont use them on anything less than 20F, but above that they are great. Solid dexterity, relative warmth, enough water proofing. The material has held up for over a season where i skied more in the spring than earlier. Cool gloves.

    call me a dirt bag

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Cause I love these gloves! I used these things all the time for skinning, hanging out and resort snowboarding. They are plenty warm for most days (down to 20 or so) breath well and are durable. They are easy on thanks to the elastic cuff. That is a big deal when you are putting wettish hands in and don't want to fuss with Velcro or other kinds of cuffs. They just work and work well. I have used so many other gloves, its not even funny, just check my reviews. Get your dirt bag on!

    call me a dirt bag

    Warm and Durable

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I got these gloves as a gift. They are mighty warm. If I say that they are made out of a soft leather, you might get the wrong idea. The leather they are made out of seems very durable, but it is soft and playable, which helps them allow you to maintain good dexterity. I have a feeling I am going to use these gloves until they fall to pieces in 20 years.

    Great snowmobiling glove

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Picked these up for snowmobiling. With the heated grips you don't need anything to crazy but warm and durable. These do the trick. they are waterproof with a bit of leather conditioner and warm enough to keep your hands warm during breaks, yet close fitting enough to allow you to really grip the bars and get some good turns in.

    Dirt baggin' some early season turns

    Dirt baggin' some early season turns

    So far I'm lovin' these gloves

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    Seems like every gear manufacturer has to have a lifty-couture, Kinco style glove these days; but hey, if they're going to do it right and charge the same as you would pay for those Kinco's, I say go for it.

    As the description says "minimalist" is the best way to explain this glove. Very similar in styling to the Flylow Ridge Glove, which is my favorite ski glove of all-time, but the BD Dirt Bag is slightly less boxy in the hand, the leather is a little lighter weight than the Flylow and it has not been treated with the SnoSeal beeswax DWR treatment so its not as moisture repellant (although you can treat it yourself).

    I've always been a fan of BD gloves for their quality, durability and fit and this one seems to be no different.

    Only a full season (or a few) will tell, but so far I'm giving them 5 starts.