• Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Cactus
    Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Collapsed
    Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Front
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  • Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Cactus
  • Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Collapsed
  • Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Front
  • Black Diamond - Carbon Compactor Ski Poles - Open
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Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Poles

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    • Cactus, 110cm
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    • Cactus, 130cm
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    Tech Specs

    110 cm, 115 cm, 120 cm, 125 cm, 130 cm
    Collapsed Length:
    Locking Mechanism:
    FlickLock Pro
    Included Baskets:
    yes, 100mm Compact Powder
    Claimed Weight:
    [110cm] 1 lb 1 oz, [115cm] 1 lb 2 oz, [120cm] 1 lb 2 oz, [125cm] 1 lb 3 oz, [130cm] 1 lb 3 oz
    Recommended Use:
    Manufacturer Warranty:
    1 year

    Shave weight with this super-packable touring pole.

    When you're ten hours into an all-day splitboard mission, it's getting dark fast, and you still have three miles to get back to the car, every ounce matters. Though, thanks to the feather-light Black Diamond Carbon Compacter Ski Pole, you might just make it back to the car without your arms falling off.  Engineered exclusively for packable touring, the three-piece carbon fiber shaft features Black Diamond's own Z-Pole technology with Speed Cone Deployment.  This system enables the pole to quickly deploy to full length simply by holding the handle, releasing the basket pole capture, and allowing the pole to snap into shape. This system allows for an extremely compact and secure packing configuration, making it perfect for splitboarding, air travel, and expeditions.

    • A lightweight and packable pole for splitboarding
    • Tough yet durable carbon fiber pole offers longevity
    • Z-Pole technology ensures easy use
    • Integrated rubber grip extension
    • Powder baskets included

    Compact, lightweight

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Love these poles so far, they are super lightweight and are very packable. Bought these mainly for the reason that they compact down so small and fit really nicely in my pack. For that reason would recommend them for splitboarders who dont need the poles on the way down.

    very compact

      i like these poles because of how small they are once you are packing up. they easily fit in my touring pack and pack down easily

      The most packable splitboard pole

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I love how small these poles fold up so I can fit them inside my pack with my skins and other gear at the top of my tour. I see a lot of complaints of these poles breaking but I haven't had any issues in the 3 years I've used them (probably 40 tours). All the other pole options need to be strapped to the outside of the pack or inside and sticking out the top. Those methods work but I'd much rather have them securely inside my pack and out of the way.

      Ditto on

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Same issue... love the concept and operation. But internal connector slipped, unable to assemble. Worse, it wedge so tight into one of the outer tubes, I can't extract and try to reposition/epoxy. It's toast.

      Great until they break

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These poles are great until they break. I used these splitboard touring for a season with no issues. The carbon ones freeze up a lot less than the aluminum ones, in my experience, which is a nice benefit.

      They are super light and I had no issues with their function for a year of use until the epoxy holding the metal connector ferrules within the carbon tubes failed. This causes the metal ferrule that sticks into the upper pole section to fall into or even out of the lower carbon section, and the pole loses stiffness, could break the carbon tube, or won't assemble at all. See the picture which shows the metal ferrule once the glue has failed and it has started sliding into the lower tube. As shown there, the pole is pretty rickety when assembled, and when it goes the rest of the way in, or falls out completely, the pole won't assemble at all.

      There are other reports of this around the web as well: check the BD website for a couple other reviews describing the "nunchuck effect". Apparently it also occurs where the metal piece comes out of the lower section and gets stuck inside the upper pole. Some reports have it happening after only a handful of tours. This is definitely a warranty issue and I'm sure BD will replace the poles, but that doesn't help at the bottom of your run when your poles don't assemble.

      It may be possible to salvage in the backcountry, just try and reposition the ferrules without losing them inside the carbon tubes. Be very careful to not disassemble the pole's innards (the plastic adjuster screw) when trying to fix it. It won't help you fix it, and if the innards get pulled inside the upper tube they are extremely hard to get back out. You will need to fish them out with a coat hanger or a long piece of thin, threaded rod back at home.

      I removed the ferrule which was loose and gave it a coat of epoxy and will test out how that works, hopefully that solves the issue!

      I hope BD can come up with a fix for this issue, because I love the way these poles work when they're functional!

      Great until they break

      Improved design

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Often too little is talked about in terms of poles. And to some people it doesn't matter, use whats cheap or you already have. Other people (gear nerds like myself) might have 2 or 4 pairs.. I got these as a warranty replacement to older carbon compactor poles and much to my delight the issues that ended up breaking the pole had been addressed with these. Where the pin to lock or collapse the pole was and started to splinter the upper section of pole until if finally broke. The green metal ring fixes that issue. So, why carbon compactor poles anyway?!?! For me, the biggest things came down to size and weight. Being able to fold so short opens up storage options when pack space becomes an issue. And on a long enough timeline, we all become "weight weenies". On those mile long sufferfest and peaks that just keep staying in the distance (Pikers Peak....) my mind starts weighing everything I brought and counting the poor choices I made along the way. Thats why.
      The performance is awesome aside from the size\weight.
      Downsides: Cost more than a used splitboard. Not compatible with some snow saws. Durability, you can't treat these like a stiffer 3 piece telescoping pole.
      All in all I feel like these are a huge improvement over aluminum compactor poles and over previous versions of the carbon version. They might not be for everyone, but those that choose to get them won't be dissapointed.

      Light and Compact

        The greatest feature these poles have is being compact, obviously, and also lightweight. Perfect for stuffing into the main compartment of my pack instead of having a couple death spikes sticking out the top on my run down. The only design issue I came across was the release button that releases the tension on the pole to break it apart. It's quite small and pretty difficult to press and not possible with thicker gloves. If you have cold hands and want a pole that is easier to break down the non carbon compactor might be more desirable as it uses a lever instead of a button.

        Black Diamond

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        User Height

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        5ft 1in - 5ft 7in

        (154cm - 171cm)

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