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Safer backcountry travel through real-time communication.

As an experienced backcountry traveler, you know the importance of having a plan, being equipped with the proper gear, and staying in contact with your group at all times. Apart from changing conditions and gear malfunctions, one of biggest variables you'll encounter in the backcountry is group communication—help boost communication with the BCA BC Link Group Communication System. This lightweight microphone and radio/battery pack keeps the lines of communication open whether you're making an on-mountain change of course while backpacking, warning of an on-going slide when you're backcountry skiing, or coordinating search and rescue efforts in the event of an emergency.

Designed to fit neatly with BCA's Stash series of packs, this two-way radio will grab onto any ol' pack you have. Both units are designed to be water- and dust-resistant to deal with snow and storage. Equipped with 22 FRS and GMRS channels and 121 sub-channels, the BC Link delivers near-constant clarity when conveying critical information. You'll be able to stay in touch with others not lucky enough to have this little number since it is compatible with all standard FRS/GMRS radios. The base unit can clip to your belt or pack, or you can stash it inside a pack pocket. You also get a 2.5-mile line-of-sight range and up to 140 hours of battery life. The 3.7-Volt lithium ion battery can be recharged, so you've no excuse for not being fully prepared for any excursion in the wilderness, be it snow-covered or summertime.

  • Group Communication System with Smart Mic and base unit
  • Water- and dust-resistant to IP56 standards
  • Compatible with all standard FRS/GMRS radios
  • 2.5-mile line-of-sight range ensures adequate coverage
  • 140 hour maximum battery life keeps unit running all day
  • Temperature operating range between -4F to 158F
  • Smart Mic is compatible with 3.5mm TS or TRS earphone plug
  • Battery charger included
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Mediocre solution to a need

    Used these in Switzerland and Colorado two separate seasons. Idea is great but this solution is just mediocre and expensive. The push to talk button is poorly integrated, small and requires too-small a target to hit when used with gloves. Additionally the mic has an awkward anchor that takes some facilitation since if it is positioned incorrectly no one can hear you. You really need to crane your neck and point it at your mouth while talking to be heard by someone on the other end. My friends who I convinced to buy these were unimpressed so rarely ended up wearing them. When we did it helped a lot because no one wants to dig out a phone on the mountain.

    best used for apres-ski in-bar communication and recon. "cutie at 12 oçlock" -- "copy that"

    Highly Recommended

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Good communication is key for safe travel in the backcountry. As an IFMGA mountain guide and ski guide I spend on average 100+ days a year skiing off-piste from resorts, touring in the backcountry as well as Heli-skiing. In all these pursuits having a good radio to communicate with our guest and other guides is paramount. The feature that sets this radio apart from it's competitors is the ingeniously designed Smart Mic. It's glove-friendly controls are optimized for easy handling and is located at your fingertips, meaning you never need to dig the radio out of your pack to change settings. Smart Mic Unit provides push-to-talk button, on/off switch, volume control, battery indicator, loudspeaker, channel selection, and an earphone jack. The battery charge lasts multiple days with normal use and easily recharges in a few hours from full drain.
    Below are other key features that comes with it.
    - 22 FRS and GMRS channels + 121 sub-channels ensure minimal interference.
    - Radio includes option for pre-set channel selections.
    - Compatible with all standard FRS/GMRS radios.
    - Designed to be worn with all backpacks.
    - Secure cord connection and alligator clip for shoulder or sternum strap.
    - Glove-friendly controls, optimized for easy handling.
    - On/off and volume control.
    - Channel control.
    - Push-to-talk button.
    - Loudspeaker.

    Safety Staple

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Communication in the backcountry has never been easier - this radio is the perfect device for keeping track of your friends and giving line beta. Super easy to use and compatible with every backpack I've used!

    Basin Range

      The outside snags and tears easily. I snagged mine the first time I wore it, leaving a hole with down puffing out. In less than 30 days, my new puffy looks worse than my old ones with two tape patches because I brushed up against something and it snagged. I'm not very happy with the quality.

      Unanswered Question

      Me and my dad have bought several Motorola walkie-talkies for skiing and there finally worn and wanted to buy a pair the Backcountry Access BC Link walkie, but I live in Europe and want to know if they will work fine or do I have to get a different version?

      A safety must

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I can't say enough good things about these radios. Inside the pack body with external hand unit is well thought out. It integrates well with my bca pack. It does okay with my non-BCA packs. Range is great. Overall, very dependable and will save your bacon in communication meltdowns.

      BC Link radio

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Works great, good range , bought 3 for snowmobiling. Help with communication when in trees and you can't see each other, or to notify others of conditions ahead. Battery life good for 2 full days, haven't tested a third, recharged before that.

      worth it

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Reliable, easy to use. good range. the multi channel toggle is really easy to program and switch between stations. great quality.

      This is a great tool

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      This is a great tool. The radio is easy to use, and I appreciate the battery life which can be up to 2 all day outings in cold weather.
      The range is great, 2+ miles through non-libe of sight backcountry (what?!?) And the shoulder clip is genius.

      It's a 5 star tool when it's fuctiona, however I have ran into some reliability issues.
      1- connector will sometimes unlock itself die to rough radio management of the base unit.
      2 - at lower battery levels, often the unit won't transmit.

      Safety is ALWAYS worth it.

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      New purchase. I recently picked a set up as a Christmas present for a friend and myself. We have already been able to get tons of use out of the new purchase. Easy to use, great battery life, and great range.

      Great for skiing but also hunting!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These radios are awesome! Very user friendly. They stand the test of cold like non other and they have a strong single. The battery life is also really solid. If you are in the market for radios then look no further.

      Best backcountry radios out there

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      When I was shopping around for radios I was initially going to go with a much cheaper option from Amazon, but I'm so glad I didn't. These are worth every penny, and I can't believe I ever skied without them!

      We all know that electronics become less reliable in cold temperatures, but BCA has done a really good job of anticipating that issue and making these puppies super functional, even in very cold weather (I've used these in the low teens so far with no issues). The range is really impressive so far. I recently used them on a backcountry hut trip in a heavily treed area, and was able to communicate with members of my group that were at least two miles away with no issues. I've also been really pleased with how well they hold a charge. I used mine for three full days before having to throw it in the charger, and it still had about 1/3 battery.

      Unanswered Question

      How are these better than a good family radio ? I have family radios with a 35 miles range that suck. In the mountains your lucky if they reach a mile. They also cost half the price of this and got two radios. This having a 2.5 mile range I see as being useless.

      The Gold Standard

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      After way too many incidents with inferior walkie talkies in the backcountry such as poor range, freezing up and lack of convenience, I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of BC Link radios and will never look back. Everyone in my group uses these religiously when we are skinning in the backcountry and have found that we communicate more frequently and effectively when we have radios that are as easy and convenient to use as these. Beacon, probe, shovel and BC Link radio. Every. Single. Trip.

      The Gold Standard

      Connector broken again

        We use these radios when skinning and back country skiing. The connector between the base radio and the mic has now broken on two of our radios. The plastic connection between the two components of this radio is the week link and needs a new design with a non plastic socket.

        Safety First

        • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

        New purchase with only a couple uses so far. It seems to work really well. Easy to use, battery life seems to work well in the cold, and the range seems good!

        communication is key

        • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

        I have used these only a few times but when you're in the backcountry being able to effectively communicate with your group is so important and these babies make it easy!

        Communication is key

        • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

        These are great to have around and help you keep in touch with your touring party.

        Unanswered Question

        I'm an avid deer hunter. My dad and I have bought SEVERAL walkie talkies and we were in a river bottom about 500-600yards away nothing but trees between us and not a single set we bought would be clear. We finally gave up and decided not to try another set. Any deer hunters out there bought these, and any other buyers have any input?

        Great Communication = Better Safety

          Over the years I have used many radios for communication. The little handheld walkie talkies from Costco, Garmin and now the BackCountry Access BC Link. There are many reasons I prefer the Link over the previous radios I have used. First I really like the capability to tuck the radio unit into my pack and feed the cord to attach the mic to my backpack. This works really well enabling communication without taking your helmet off. You are also able to hear your buddies communicating with you while riding. I have also found the range to be much further than other radios I have used. It's a durable radio as well. I highly recommend this radio to add to your essential items for the backcountry.