AlpineAire 5 Day Gourmet Meal Kit (20 Pouches)
AlpineAire5 Day Gourmet Meal Kit (20 Pouches)

Planned or unplanned.

Whether you're planning for a trip to the backcountry or planning for a disaster you hope never comes to pass, the AlpineAire 5 Day Gourmet Meal Kit has you covered. With 20 pouches of food that fulfill your nutritional needs while delighting your taste buds, this pack has you covered for days of backpacking or cruising across the country in what seems like a normal road trip—but to your kids is an escape from the apocalypse.

  • 20-pack of meals for five days
  • Freeze-dried packages are lightweight and packable
  • Varied flavors keep you interested
  • Includes 10 entrees, 5 smoothies, and 5 dried fruit options
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Details of whats in the box!

    2 CinnaCrisp Slices
    3 Tropic Tango
    5 Banana Berry Smoothie
    2 Mountain Chili
    2 Santa Fe Black Beans/Rice
    2 Kung Pao Chicken
    2 Pepper Beef w/ Rice
    1 Honey Lime Chicken
    1 Veggie Burrito Bowl