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Alpina - BC 1550 Backcountry Boot

Alpina BC 1550 Backcountry Boot

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Tech Specs

Upper Material:
leather, synthetic
Last Width:
Binding Compatibility:
lace, hook-and-loop ankle strap
Sole Material:
NNN BC III (rubber)
Recommended Use:
Nordic touring
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

BC 1550 Backcountry Boot

Setting your own trail through untracked snow can take you through some wild, pristine winter landscapes, but you'll need the right boot to get your there. The Alpina BC 1550 Backcountry Boot protects from the deep snow and cold temps you'll encounter deep in the backcountry thanks to a rugged, reinforced upper and insulated design that retains heat in cold, damp snow. The medium flex offers a smooth forward flex as you glide across open meadows, and the plastic heel counter and CMB cuff delivers just enough stability to keep you in control of your metal-edged touring skis when you need to make a few quick turns down rolling hills. Alpina made the BC 1550 compatible with NNN BC bindings for a more secure, solid connection to the ski in variable snow conditions and the ever-changing backcountry terrain.

  • Supportive Nordic boot built for exploring the backcountry
  • Plastic heel counter, cuff, and medium flex increases control
  • Reinforced toe cap and tongue withstands wear from brush and ice
  • Thinsulate insulation provides warmth without adding bulk
  • Compatible NNN BC bindings for increased support in deep snow
  • Anatomic footbed and wider BC last maintains comfort all day


  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

How is the volume on this boot? I have wide feet. Trying to decide between the Alaska and the 1550. Thanks

Tested and proven

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

The Alpina BC Backcountry boot just flat out performs. They handle various snow conditions both on and off trail. Stiff enough to handle a turn comfortable to go on a long tour. Attention to design makes these boot a tested and proven winner.

Pretty much okay

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have had the same issues with others in terms of the fit of these boots. They cause toe pain after a few hours, unfortunately. The performance is pretty good though so I guess if they fit your foot youre good to go!

Bc 1550

  • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

These are very warm, have great ankle support, and fit my feet excellent but the seam on the toebox was a deal breaker. Everytime the boot flexes it comes down right on top of my big toe. This was noticeable even just walking inside so I cant imagine how a full day skiing would feel. Other than this fatal flaw it seems to be an excellent boot and Im disappointed that it would not work. I went with the fischer offtrack 5 BC instead and im very happy with the fit and construction so far and should be able to power my outback 68's pretty well. Hope this helps anybody else having the same trouble.

Had same experience as indicated but purchased the boots. Excellent in all areas- warmth, comfort, stability except for the toe cap issue. Tired of blistered toes after each outing, I too switched to the Fischer OTX BC5. Extremely comfortable but lacking support in more challenging terrain. One would think Alpina would have redesigned this boot by now.

Decent all around light b/c boot

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've had mine for around 8 seasons. At first had to return them twice for a smaller size before realizing all my plastic-type boots were too big. With these it took me a couple months to quit getting blisters on top of the big toe. Finally i used tissue paper inside duct tape around the toes, after a couple months of that they broke in and are now very comfy.
After a few years the velcro pulled back from the top strap but i sewed them up with dental floss and they've been fine.
I never got any water intrusion; being older i think mine were made in slovenia, which was making ok equipment then. Not sure if they're made in china now or not, not sure i'd buy a chinese boot.
Last year one of the lower lace eyelets pulled out but it doesn't affect upper tension.
They are warm, comfy, easy on and off, and good support for a light, low boot. I can't tele on them although i have floppy skis and bad knees so don't press them too hard. they are fine for p-turns and hockey stops, good control for survival in the woods and narrow steeps.
They fit wide my wide EE feet well. I'm wearing these into the ground and should get a few more years out of them. I've tried taller exo-plastic bc boots but they hurt my knees, these have enough ankle flex to be easy on the knees but enough support to protect against ankle injuries in moderate use.

Wonky Fit All Around

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I was unimpressed with the fit. My two major takeaways:
1. For a men's boot, it runs narrow!
2. It's incredibly difficult to adequately cinch down the laces.

These will get me through this season, but I will definitely be upgrading next winter.

Almost straight up sucks

  • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

As others have noted, the flex in the toe makes this boot unwearable. Toes destroyed walking around inside, returned. Rossi BCX10 touring boot feels better; it doesn't have the toe flex problem.

Falling apart

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The first time I bought these boots there were a half size too big and gave me blisters on top of my big toe. I figured it was because they were too big and got the right size, same thing blisters on top of my toes. Now I tape up my toes and end up with a big callous at the end of the season. A few others that I ski with have the same problem. As if that wasn't enough after a season of use the velcro is coming off of the strap and soon will be completely usless. I live in new england and ski at least 3 times a week when the Co diy ions are good. I'm thinking about using the almighty BC return policy. The boots have good control and I could have lived with taping my toes but falling apart is the last straw. Not sure what I'll try next

Backcountry Boot Believer

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Most nordic boots give me blisters, while these wider, backcountry boots felt more like sneakers on skis. These don't specifically say they are for men, but ladies, if you ever have a hard time finding a comfy boot, this one might be the winner. I have to admit they look a little funny on the nordic trail with their laces and bulky silhouette, but they can outshine their sleek cousins for those of us with wider feet. They definitely made a believer out of me.

Backcountry Boot Believer

Wanted to love them

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I went through 2 pairs of these boots last winter for my Nordic ski patrol job and unfortunately I too fell prey to the awful big toe blisters. They did "get the job done" but left me unable to ski if I did any day longer than 6-8 miles. The Velcro on the ankle strap also began to come apart just 2 weeks out of the box.

Wanted to love them since they're Alpinas... But I just couldn't do it.

love it...

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Very comfortable out of the box and super support. I don't get the complaint of blisters near the toe - perhaps they fixed this for 2013-2014.

Alpina BC 1550 Backcountry Boot

    They get it done

      To be fair, I put these things through the ringer, my pair is probably 10 years old and they get out 3-5x/week during the winter. At this point they are falling apart, holes in the top of the toe, lace buckles ripping off, sole separating, etc. They did their job for many years, but never perfectly. Always had wet feet if the snow wasn't totally dry, as others have mentioned they do rub on the tops of your toes due to the flex pattern. Have never tried other bc boots but hope there are better ones out there.

      disappointed Dissappointed

        I bought these boots new two years ago, I have tried everything I know but still I get Blisters where the boot creases at my big toes. I have an older pair of alpina boots less ankle support, but more comfortable, which I continue to wear without issue. BAd news, I did not buy them from back country..my bad...

        I too have had my toes crushed by these boots. I used Mole skin for weeks until they finally broke in.

        Scott N

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        These boots are not quite as stiff as the previous model which I loved. Softer boot makes it harder to carve turns. I use an anti blister patch to put inside the boot which eliminates friction and no friction = no heat build up = no blisters. You can buy them at goengo.com for about $15. They work great in hiking boots as well.

        Scott N

        Stands the test of time

          My Alpina Backcountry ski boots have stood the test of time. I have used them for over a decade. I used them less often when I first got them. Now I use them nearly every evening after work during the Minnesota winter. Cross country skiing after dark doesn't matter because the snow is white. I use the boots daily because I ski to exercise my dogs. If I try to skip an evening the dogs are relentless. So with daily use the boots continue to stand up. The Velcro strap holds up. I like the Velcro strap because it speeds up the lace system and gives good ankle support. I have hiking boots with lots of lace loops and no Velcro strap. The Backcountry ski boot with one set of hooks laces quickly. The boots have good support for backcountry. These boots have not been pampered. I was lacing them up and noticed the boots probably aren't as shiny black as they were 10 years ago. They have a patina of break-in. But then again my hair probably isn't as dark as it once was either. The boot laces have held up too. The boots can be walked in for a few blocks if need be. The grip on the soles is good so they don't slip on ice or snow. The best feature of the boot is how well they manage a variety of temperature. I've skied in sub-zero icy winds of December, and I've skied in the wet thawing slush of March. My feet in the boots have never been wet, sweaty, hot or cold. I've often said if I could find a pair of hiking boots like them I'd buy them.

          pretty good

            agreed on the the toe thing... too much flex and can cause blisters on top of your toes. it helps me to wear 2 pairs of socks, less friction and no blisters. but then they end up kind of tight, but otherwise comfortable. they have the right amount of support for my use (no grooming here and lots of downhill)

            oh, and i use them with the 2010 x terrain model alpina back country touring ski

            Looks great, functions poorly

              I bought these boots primarily becuase I liked the way they looked. As my Dad always says, "no matter how well or poorly you might do, always look your best". Well I look good, but the blisters on my toes from only 4km trip are terrible. As with other reviewers, I tried a variety of solutions to this problem but without any better result. These boots will soon be relegated to the dust bin in the garage as I have purchased a different boot. Would return them if I could but bought them on sale at the end of last season.

              Keep wearing the boots if you can. Break them in. My boots never blistered my feet but wear a little stiff in the toe at first. The boots get better with use.

              Poor toe box design

                Agree with previous review. Toe box creases across the great toe causing significant listening. Forget skiing twice in a weekend....blisters don't permit it!
                Disappointed in the boot and trying novel ways to try to break in this boot.

                Not so good

                  This is the second season I have been using these boots and agree with previous reviews;The toe box creases across the toe line causing blisters,the lacing system makes it tough to get the boots snug and to keep them snug and they do get wet in the toe area.I skied yesterday around 6km and ended up with a blister on my toe(not the first time) and would like to go today but I`m left wondering what to do to prevent futher blisters..thinner/thicker socks,take the insoles out...I want to ski not fool around with these boots!

                  Damn! I have completely same problem with blisters in toes are! Did you find any solution???? It's anoying!!!!

                  I've been getting blisters with my new boots too! And they're the right size...so far I've been waiting for them to heal, then going out again - not the best solution.


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