Be wild.

You’re the one all your friends all talk about—how you stay up in bed scouring internet forums for the latest sasquatch sightings, spend your weekends tracking possible yeti prints in the woods, and updating your blog with the overwhelming pile of questionable evidence you’ve gathered. Now, with Airblaster’s Sassy Sassy Sweater, you can always keep Big Foot close to your heart. Stop hiding your love and pride for this beautiful, fleeting creature and tell the world what it needs to know: Sasquatch is as real as this sweater!  Real cool, that is.

  • An elusive yeti chest piece
  • Heavy cable knit to keep you warm
  • Relaxed fit ideal for long, swinging arms
  • Earthen colors to blend in with the wooded environment
  • Airblaster’s moto agrees you should #staywild
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