A low-maintenance friend who knows how to network.

When a series of unfortunate circumstances leaves you lost, stranded, injured, or otherwise in need of wilderness rescue, having a friend like the ACR AquaLink 406 Personal Locator Beacon is more than just a nicety; it could actually save your life. Built waterproof and with a 406 MHz signal, this beacon also floats so that you can feel confident when heading offshore. Once activated, the AquaLink connects to a worldwide network of SAR satellites and relays your precise location for a faster rescue and added peace of mind.

  • Its 406 MHz signal relays information to the worldwide SAR satellite network
  • The 121.5 MHz signal relays your location to localized ground Search and Rescue operations
  • On-board GPS accurately notifies rescuers of your position and is accurate to within 100 meters
  • Device floats so it's ideal for adventures over water
  • Bright LED strobe light is automatically activated when rescue signal sent
  • Full-function test mode lets you know it is working properly without draining the battery
  • GPS acquisition test mode allows you to test GPS functionality up to 12 times over the life of the battery
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to carry in a pack, pocket, or on the included lanyard
  • No subscription or activation fees required, but an optional subscription service is available through 406Link.com that allows you to send periodic 'I'm OK' messages to family
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You Use It...We Replace It

ACR has just annouced the creation of SurvivorClub.com, a complete program where they will replace any 406 MHz PLB (regardless of age) with a brand new beaon. Learn more at ww.survivorclub.com

You Use It...We Replace It

Mikele, noticed you work for ACR. I'm very interested in the "I'm ok" feature on this PLB, as I recently was out hiking in bitter cold (-5 deg F) and couldn't get a text message out to my wife to let her know I was ok because the cold kept killing the battery on my mobile phone before the message could be sent out. As I frequently hike alone, this would help her know I'm not dead when I can't send out a message. That being said, what's the cost to replace the battery? I'm very familiar with the EPIRB's ACR manufactures (I used to work at sea on commercial oil tankers) and it was EXPENSIVE to replace them on the EPIRB as I recall.


Thanks for your interest in 406Link.com. This service (which is completely optional as our beacons do not require a subscription fee) utilizes the self test feature in our beacons to allow you to test your beacon through the same satellite system and receive SMS text messages and emails once our antennas receive your signal (typically this take less than 1-2 minutes to receive after doing a self test). You can have these messages sent to up to 5 contacts. Our beacons have the capability of doing 2 types of self tests. A regular self test just checks that the beacon is working properly and sends out a test burst with no GPS location, you can perform up to 420 of these self tests in the 5 year life of the battery. The second self test is a GPS self test which will simply include your GPS coordinate in a google map hyperlink in the messages, these use more battery life, thus our beacons are programmed to only allow a certain number (between 12 to 60 depending upon the model) over the 5 year life of the battery. If you were to use up all of the self testing battery capability in the beacon, our beacons will turn off the self testing feature once the battery only has 24 hours of battery life remaining (at -4 degrees F) to ensure if you need to push the emergency button that you have ample battery power to get rescue. Battery replacement prices range from $100-$200.

Hope this was helpful.

How many "OK" messages can you send with...

How many "OK" messages can you send with this unit?

406Link.com says you can get about 60 messages with GPS or 420 without before the battery needs to be replaced.

So there is a market for scuba divers to...

So there is a market for scuba divers to carry down to debth if it will take the pressure of say 100 feet underwater in a sealed water proof bag. Lots of cases where lost at sea (see left behind movie for true story) where the divers are swept out to sea in strong currents and boat couldn't find them. You might want to test your product out and see if it will do the job.

I would say probably not. it is only rated at 5 meters for 60 minutes or 10 meters for 10 minutes.