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  • 7S - Double Down CV Surfboard - Clear
    7S - Double Down CV Surfboard - Rail
    7S - Double Down CV Surfboard - Bottom
  • 7S - Double Down CV Surfboard - Clear
  • 7S - Double Down CV Surfboard - Rail
  • 7S - Double Down CV Surfboard - Bottom
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7S Double Down CV Surfboard

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  • 5ft 4in
  • 5ft 6in

Tech Specs

5ft 2in, 5ft 4in, 5ft 6in, 5ft 8in, 5ft 10in, 6ft, 6ft 2in, 6ft 4in, 6ft 6in, 6ft 8in
Carbon Vector (EPS core with biax fiberglass, epoxy, and carbon fiber webbing on bottom and around rails)
flat rocker with slight nose and tail lift, slight concave-to-double concave-to-shallow rolled vee
[5ft 2in] 19.75in, [5ft 4in] 20in, [5ft 6in] 20.25in, [5ft 8in] 20.5in, [5ft 10in] 2.625in, [6ft] 21in, [6ft 2in] 21.25in, [6ft 4in] 21.5in, [6ft 6in] 21.75in, [6ft 8in] 22in
[5ft 2in] 2.25in, [5ft 4in] 2.3125in, [5ft 6in] 2.375in, [5ft 8in] 2.5in, [5ft 10in] 2.625in, [6ft] 2.75in, [6ft 2in] 2.875in, [6ft 4in] 3in, [6ft 6in] 3.06in, [6ft 8in] 3.125in
[5ft 2in] 25.5L, [5ft 4in] 27.2L, [5ft 6in] 29.25L, [5ft 8in] 32L, [5ft 10in] 34.8L, [6ft] 37.8L, [6ft 2in] 40.9L, [6ft 4in] 44.1L, [6ft 6in] 46.7L, [6ft 8in] 49.25L
Tail Shape:
FCSII Performer M
Fins Included:
Recommended Use:
beginner-to-intermediate riders

Make the most of what you've got.

Summer can be a paradoxical time for surfers—the warmer waters and sunny skies invite you into the surf, but the waves can often be lacking. Make the most of the summer beach breaks and soft point waves with the 7S Double Down CV Surfboard. This hybrid board combines the paddle advantages of high volume with a stable, yet responsive design that allows you to ride it much shorter than a standard surfboard, so you can still rip even in the mushiest conditions.

It sports the flattest profile of any board in 7S's line to help it slide into waves with ease and maintain speed over dead sections with minimal effort. Slight lift in the nose and tail will satisfy the wants of more experienced riders looking for a summer groveller. Slight concave up front transitions into double concave through the middle, finally leading to a shallow rolled vee off the tail allows the board to maintain speed in softer waves. The Double Down is best surfed off the tail for maximum control and turning ability in small surf. Whether you're a beginner looking for a board that's easy to ride on beach breaks, or a more advanced surfer looking for a cure to the small wave blues, the Double Down is the answer.

  • Small wave specialist sure to increase your wave count
  • High volume mixed into stable, yet responsive design
  • Flat profile maintains speed over dead sections
  • Corner round tail allows width to extend further back
  • Carbon Vector construction offers lively, yet controlled flex pattern