Mammut Protection Airbag System

Turn your boring old regular pack into an avalanche airbag pack.

If you picked up a Protection-Airbag-System-compatible pack at a ski swap and haven't yet put an airbag in it, you might as well sell it and use the money to buy yourself some new shoes and a nice haircut (mom will be so proud). If that sounds dumb, hold on to the pack and pick up the Mammut Protection Airbag System, which is pretty much the whole point of having the bag in the first place.

Compatible with all Mammut/Snowpulse Protection Airbag packs (but NOT with their RAS packs, or the packs of any other manufacturer) the Protection Airbag System is revolutionary because it not only keeps you on the surface of an avalanche, with your head pointing up the hill to reduce the risk of asphyxiation, but inflates over your chest and torso to prevent the trauma that's so common in avalanche accidents. With a quick pull of the shoulder-strap-mounted handle, the 150L airbags inflate within seconds, helping to prevent burials and serving as brightly-colored locators to facilitate easy searches. Simply ensure that the pack is mounted correctly on your back so the airbags deploy properly, and that your refillable canister (not included, but sold right here) is full and correctly attached, and enjoy the added safety net when you're shredding the backcountry.

Please remember, this airbag system is NOT a guarantee that you will survive an avalanche; get educated, get the right tools, travel with partners, and be smart out there.

  • Protection against head, chest, and torso trauma
  • Compatible with all Mammut/Snowpulse Protection Airbag backpacks
  • Stowable deployment handle
  • 150L airbags inflate within three seconds
  • Weighs 1lb 14oz without canister
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What bags is this compatible with?

Yeah, is this 2.0 or 3.0 model?? They are NOT compatible with all packs! Your verbage re: "picking up a pack at a ski swap" is way misleading... better do some fact checking and re-writing before you have a lot of unhappy customers.