Who needs an extra set of hands – let your rack do the work!

The Yakima BoatLoader provides assistance for loading boats on tall vehicles. Specifically, the BoatLoader is a telescoping crossbar extension to aid in one-person boat loading and unloading. Its intuitive design helps keep the boat away from the car while loading. When you're cruising boatless down the highway, the extendable arm retracts into the roundbar.

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But what about removing it and then putting...

But what about removing it and then putting it on the other side...is it easily removed and replaced?

Can you transfer the boatloader to the...

Can you transfer the boatloader to the other side to load a 2nd kayak?

It looks from the length of it like there's only room for one in each tube. You might be able to put one in the front tube pointing one way and one in the back tube pointing the other way, but you can't get them both in the same tube.

Not for everyone

    After I saw the videos of the boatloader, I knew this was what I needed. I'm 5'5" and have a 15' kayak that I need to be able to load on top of my car by myself. The boatloader seemed to be the solution. It installed very quickly and easily on my Yakima round bars. My car is a Prius and I'm using the Yakima Bowdowns. After putting the bow of the boat onto the boatloader, I lift the stern end and the boatloader bar is so slippery that if I didn't stop it, it would have slipped completely off the boatloader - that little sanddollar at the end sure wasn't going to stop it. This happened every time I tried it. Perhaps if I didn't have to turn my boat sideways to load onto the J-style racks, perhaps if my hull wasn't made of thermoform, perhaps if the bottom of the boat was flatter, this might have worked. Looking back at the videos, it seems they were using plastic boats that weren't slick. Returned the boatloader the same day.

    Sounds like the boat is awfully long for a guy your stature, maybe a shorter boat with longer legs might be the solution.

    Perfect solution for the solo kayaker

      The boatloader is perfect for when you choose to enjoy the river by yourself. Super easy to set-up and use. Significantly reduces the strain/work of loading your kayak, especially on higher profile vehicles. Good value for the price and it isn't huge and bulky on your racks.

      I thought this would work on my Nissan...

      I thought this would work on my Nissan XTerra - but crossbars aren't designed correctly. Any ideas? Even if I have to buy additional mounting hardware - I really want to be able to use Yakima Boatloader.

      If you click the link at the top of the page about building your Yakima rack, you can plug in some info, and it will tell you what you need to make this work.

      Write your question here...Saturn Vue (no...

      Write your question here...Saturn Vue (no racks) needs total kayak mount rack with accessories. Single small woman wants to get kayak in and out of the water as effortlessly as possible.

      Best Answer

      You will need a Yakima or Thule roof rack to start, the crossbars and mounting brackets, then if you pick Yakima, look for the rack you want to hold your kayak and then this thing should make it easy to load up onto the car. I am not too sure if Thule has a similar thing to this, but you can definitely check that out. There is a link at the top of this page, that you can click, plug in your car info, and it will tell you everything you will need to be able to get your kayak to where it is going.

      Unanswered Question

      I have a 2008 Acura RDX with factory rails....

      I have a 2008 Acura RDX with factory rails. What is the best system for this car that would accomodate at the same time a Tsunmai 145 and Tsunami 120 and could utilize some of my older rack system (Thule saddle and J-Bar. Two Jbars are too difficult for me to lift the larger boat.

      Self Reliance/ Yakima Boatloader

        Very ingenious device. Save energy for the water and never strain your back. Kayak or canoe cart as well and new possibilities on where you can go. Delivered on time, good price.

        Do you offer a load bar for a yakima square...

        Do you offer a load bar for a yakima square bar roof mount?

        Unfortunately, the Yakima Boat Loader is only available for round bars.

        does it came with the roof rack or do you...

        does it came with the roof rack or do you have to buy that separately

        You must purchase separately


          I frequently have to load/unload by myself, and this helps tremendously by helping me balance the canoe. Seems to bend under the weight at times, but as long as you dont put all the weight near the end while fully extended you are ok.

          Just what I expected

            Received the boatloader very quickly. Still have yet to use it, since it's been kinda chilly this spring up here in MA. But it was sent efficiently and at a great price!

            Handy equipment

              I love it,I love it,I love it!!! I don't have to get help loading my 'yak anymore!!