Heat-radiating comfort with an eco-conscious soul.

Ready for some of the best waves of the season in the cooler water of transitional seasons and milder winter climates, the XCEL Hawaii Men's Comp TDC Eco 4/t3 Fullsuit keeps you warm in water temperatures of 51 to 58 degrees with its heat-retaining TDC lining, 4/3 neoprene thickness, and watertight construction.

TDC lining uses smart fibers that transfer body heat into infrared radiation. In everyday terms, this means it'll hold radiate thermal warmth back into the wetsuit, so you can stay out in the lineup longer without succumbing to cool water temperatures and chilly breezes. Going beyond the liner material, you'll find XCEL uses an X2 Front Entry and Inner NextSkin Seals to keep chilly water from seeping inside and cooling your body.

Giving the suit a well-deserved Eco label, Naturalprene foam replaces the petroleum-intensive construction inherent to traditional neoprene, opting for a more natural alternative derived from rubber trees. XCEL didn't stop there in cutting out harmful chemicals and reducing resource consumption, opting for a solvent-free water-based glue in conjunction with an upcycled water-repellent lining material.

  • Surf longer in cool water temps without freezing
  • 4/3 thickness is ideal for 51 - 58°F water temperatures
  • Naturalprene renewable foam is derived from rubber trees
  • TDC lining radiates heat to keep you warm in the water
  • X2 Front Entry and Inner NextSkin Seals and watertight
  • Glued & Blindstitched seams keep chilly water out
  • Water-based glue is made without toxic solvents
  • Upcycled water-repellent lining saves resources
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