A tough tire for any terrain.

There are tires that are engineered for exceedingly specific uses — riding granite gravel under a full moon, say, or ripping through loam on the third Sunday of July — but the WTB Trail Boss TCS Tough FR Tire isn't one of them. With a tread that's blocky enough to dig into loose ground but smooth enough to roll without excessive drag, it's built to handle any terrain you ride, from desert slickrock to wet PNW trails to the slick roots and rocks of New England.

Available in both 2.25-inch and 2.4-inch widths, the Trail Boss uses WTB's Dual DNA rubber compound, which employs harder 60a durometer rubber in the center of the tire for low-resistance rolling and softer 50a rubber at the sides for improved grip and cornering. It also doubles up on protection with a rugged Enduro casing. The extra-tough casing, and a few grams of added durability, are the only differences between the Trail Boss TCS Tough and TCS Light. Even on off-camber trails, the Trail Boss's staggered side knobs will keep you from sliding out, while the rounded center knobs will keep you rolling quickly over hard, smooth terrain.

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