WTB Ranger TCS Light Tire - 29+
WTBRanger TCS Light Tire - 29+

Chuck donut.

WTB's Ranger TCS Light Tire is a big, cushy donut for your plus-sized wagon wheel hoops. It features medium-spaced lugs that take advantage of the tire's girth by adding traction as the tire floats over loose terrain. The Dual DNA compound further specializes the shoulders and center strip by putting softer rubber on the former and lining the latter with a harder durometer material that reduces rolling resistance when you're not cornering or wallowing in inches-deep muck or snow. The Ranger's plus-sized body is designed to keep that soft shoulder compound where it belongs—on the shoulders—even when mounted on wide, plus-sized rims.

  • A huge, cushy wagon wheel donut for plus-sized rims
  • Knobs spaced for traction on wet or dry surfaces
  • Two different durometers of rubber target grip and speed
  • Shoulder knobs grab while center knobs propel
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