Dig in.

WTB's Convict TCS Tough FR 27.5in Tire isn't just your average gravity tire - it's a beefy grip monster that eggs you on to push the limits on big runs in gnarly terrain. It features WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) bead for easy, reliable seating along with excellent flat protection when paired with TCS sealant. The Tough casing features a double layer for added protection and gets topped with a fast-rolling Dual DNA compound provides compliant durability and grip for many a day on the trails. Beefy knobs with moderate spacing dig in for ample traction in both dry and wet conditions, with the squared knob edges leaving extra clearance for mucky surfaces.

  • Beefy lugs and fast-rolling compound for gravity and enduro runs
  • Tough casing provides extra protection
  • Dual compound blends grip and speed
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