Wetfly Tenkara - Poly Leader

Backcountry fishing buddy.

Designed for Wetfly's Backcountry Series Rods, the Tenkara Poly Leader is lengthened with a taper that's ideal for Tenkara-style fishing. This 12-foot long leader features a welded butt end with an exposed, looped, 8-pound monofiliment on the tip.

  • Welded loop on butt end
  • Exposed, looped, 8-pound monofilament on tip end
  • 12-foot length
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Much better than furled leader or tippet

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Upon picking up the Wetfly Tenkara Package I switched back and forth between the furled leader and 5x tippet that comes with package. Neither were ideal, both had pros and cons, mostly cons.

After going out half a dozen times or so I decided to cut a few sections out of an old fly line to use with my Tenkara rod which worked really well. The only downside was that I had to tie my own loops on the line which are never as clean as a welded loop out of the factory.

Wetfly solved all my problems with this poly leader. I picked up all three options here (green floating line pictured) and all three perform really well. All have a welded loop to attach to the lilian on the rod as well as an 8 pound mono butt section on the end to attach your tippet to. 12 feet seems to be a good length for the majority of situations that you'll find yourself in fishing Tenkara. I do have a 15 foot and a 20 foot section of my homemade poly leader from old fly line that I carry with me just in case the situation calls for it, which happens rarely.

Bottom line... I couldn't be happier with these.

Much better than furled leader or tippet

what size of old fly line did you use? just curious